ZeroChaos Ads Quality Rater Work from Home

ZeroChaos Ads Quality Rater

The Internet and social media revolutionized the way people communicate as well as opened doors to modern job opportunities. If you are looking for a non-phone online job, perhaps you can pay a regular visit on the ZeroChaos page. The company is looking for ads quality raters from time to time.

About ZeroChaos

ZeroChaos was formerly known as Workforce Logic. It is a company providing a wide variety of internet marketing and business solutions such as program management, accounting, administration, and more. Those services referring to businesses of any size require advertising through Google Ads. In order to improve the quality of the ads and produce the desired results, someone has to review them regularly. There is when the ads quality raters come in.

Work Description

According to the original ZeroChaos ads quality rater job description posted on the company’s official page, as an ads quality rater your part will be to use an online tool provided by the company to examine ads in order to improve their accuracy and overall quality. If you happen to be a tech-savvy, consider it as a plus. You will have to review ads created in different languages like English, French, and Italian, therefore, a good command of more than one language will be an advantage.

After reviewing the ad you will have to provide feedback to Google. All in all, you will have to examine different ads, scanning texts for errors, analyzing images, web pages, and so on. You must be able to work 10 hours per week at minimum and 29 hours per week at maximum. If you can’t meet the minimum of 10 hours weekly, you will have to explain via the online form the reasons why you are not able to complete the required minimum hours.

Do I need special skills, training or experince to work as a ZeroChaos ads quality rater?

ZeroChaos ads quality rater’s essential duties and responsibilities include:

  • Ability to understand and follow written instructions due to job requires frequent communication in English with project administrators and ads quality raters
  • Ability to comprehend well newspaper-level text rapidly
  • Ability to understand the different content as well as the tone of colloquialisms, dialect words and phrases, and further subtleties relating to the language applied in the ad
  • Must be able to detect grammar mistakes, and advertising language inaccuracy and awkwardness
  • Some experience of the country’s internet and print culture will be a plus
  • You must be able to read and write in fluent English
  • You must know how to surf the web, and be up to date on media vocabulary, slang, and colloquialisms

System Requirements

All you will need is a fast computer and secure, top-speed, and private Internet connection. Something to pay attention – you won’t be allowed to use a public internet.

Application Process

If you are curious about what this position is all about, you can apply by submitting your resume and cover letter. Take into account a few questions you need to answer in your cover letter along with the resume:

  • What languages do you have extensive knowledge of?
  • Have you lived in the applied-for country for at least a year over the past 8 years?
  • How many times have you been in that country for the last 4 years?
  • Do you keep up to date with that country’s local culture, and in what ways?
  • Do you currently hold a Bachelor’s Degree (or equivalent in another country) or higher?
  • Are you currently based in the US and can you provide legal proof of US work authorization?

If they accept your resume, they will send you a test. If you pass it, you will be offered the job. Note that the ads quality rater position is temporary. If you get approved, you will be offered a contract agreement for 12 months. For that period your work performance will be monitored constantly, and if they are not satisfied, they can end the contract any time they want without a notice. Once your contract is up, it won’t be renewed and you cannot reapply.

How much does ZeroChaos pay?

ZeroChaos Ads quality raters receive an hourly pay of $15.

Payment Methods

ZeroChaos pays weekly by sending a direct deposit to your bank account, usually on Fridays.

Does ZeroChaos hire ads quality raters from worldwide?

To be able to work for ZeroChaos as an Ad Quality Rater and get paid, you need to submit proof of US work authorization and the work must be completed from within the United States. This means this is not a worldwide job opportunity.

Is this an independent contractor opportunity?

If your application is approved, you will start working for ZeroChaos as an employee. There is a chance that you be provided with some benefits after you prove yourself a reliable hard worker in a course of several months.

Last words

ZeroChaos is known a legit company that pays on time. This could be real fun for those who enjoy such kind of work. You also can gain some positive experience in a dynamic and modern environment. However, you won’t become rich by evaluating ads quality, and your contract can be terminated any time. Even if you last on the position for a whole year, they won’t renew your contract after it is up. So, my advice would be, apply if you want but don’t set your expectations high and look for other work-from-home opportunities in the meantime.

Application Link

If you are interested, apply by going to the careers page and submit your resume. Note that ZeroChaos also announces vacant positions on Indeed, Careerbuilder, and Craigslist so you might want to check there as well.

What do you think about work-at-home ads quality rater jobs? Do you have any existing experience working for ZeroChaos or similar company? Your opinion matters to us.