Make Money Writing Greeting Cards for Blue Mountain Arts

Make Money Writing Greeting Cards for Blue Mountain Arts

Have you been finding new ways to express your creativity and be rewarded for that? How about writing greeting cards for Blue Mountain Arts? This opportunity suits to people who are more prone to creating poems and express emotional thoughts into verse. If the idea of practicing a creative writing job within the greeting card industry has ever crossed your mind and you feel good about it, perhaps now can be a good time to consider it a bit more seriously.

About the company

Founded in 1972 by Susan Polis Schultz and her husband, today, Blue Mountain Arts is one of the largest independent greeting card companies. Internationally recognized as a veteran in the greeting cards industry, the company maintains massive popularity not only for bringing positive feelings to people through delivering artistic and inspirational greeting cards, but also for  motivating poetry writers worldwide by giving them the chance to create original art through poems and receive a fulfilling payment for their outstanding work.

Qualification Required

No former experience is necessary. Your talent is your wealth.  If you are an artistic soul and your element is expressing emotional thoughts in verse and reflecting on contemporary social subjects, you should confidently submit a writing of yours for review and let your talent help you make some good money. Blue Mountain Arts is mainly looking for creative submissions covering a wide range of topics like: love, friendship, affection, joy, family, children, celebrations (anniversary, birthday, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas), special occasions (graduation), etc. Your lines of poetry must be meaningful, original and touching, and also look good on a greeting card, book, or gift. If you want to draw attention, put effort to create something that ideally reflects on modern people’s thoughts, perceptions and emotions. This must be your original work inspired from personal experience. Try to capture the readers’ attention and awake emotions. It’s strongly recommendable to focus your creativity on real-life topics like affection, pain, frustration, expectations, life aspirations, difficulties, hope, alienation, willingness to make things right, and so on.

How does the submission process work?

First, visit the company’s website and explore it. Try to get a general idea of the tone and style of the published material. Do not copy anything! Find the writer’s guidelines and read them carefully. That’s very important because they hold the key to your future success. Take all the time you need to create your poem. After you finish, you have two options: send your work through the post to the following address: Blue Mountain Arts Editorial Department, P. O. Box 1007, Boulder, CO 80306, or submit via email. Most writers prefer the second option. Send your email to this address:

Note that, Blue Mountains will review poems that are in typewritten format. Also, don’t forget to include your name, address and a telephone number in the email or postal mail. You can submit more than one poem if you like and send them in the same e-mail body. If you are about to use the post office service, make sure to give a clear print of your work with your name included at the bottom of every page. In the best case, you will receive an approval or very polite refusal within two weeks of email submission. However, if you haven’t heard from Blue Mountain Arts for more than 4 months after submission, consider that your work has been canceled out.

How much money can you make writing contemporary poetry for Blue Mountain Arts?

Blue Mountain Arts will reward you with $300 per poem in exchange of gaining full ownership on your work. This means they can publish it on a greeting card or whatever products they want.  Also, the company pays $50 for a poem to use it only once in a book. If your poem is accepted, you will receive further information regarding publication procedures. It’s likely that you have to wait for a few weeks, even months, before you receive the $300 payment, but you will get paid in the end, that’s for sure.

Does Blue Mountain Arts accepts submissions from worldwide?

Poetry writers from worldwide can submit unique piece of their writing to Blue Mountain Arts.

In summary

There aren’t any bad reviews about Blue Mountain Arts, and considering their long-time market presence, you shouldn’t have any concerns regarding loyalty. No news is good news, right. If you think of yourself a poet at heart or simply enjoy writing poems when in a specific state of mind, grab this opportunity by any means. Poetry writers of all levels are welcome to submit their best work and earn extra side income.

Are you familiar with other companies that offer to pay you for writing original poems? Feel free to share your experience and knowledge in the commentary section below.

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