Get Paid to Type: Work from Home Transcriptionist at Scribie

work from home transcriptionist for Scribie

Founded in 2008 by Rajiv Poddar as part of CGBiz Corporation, Scribie is a well-developed virtual platform focused on providing accurate and high quality audio and video general transcription services. The company is always on the lookout for remote workers to perform transcription tasks. So, if you want to make money from home, Scribie might be the right place to work as a home-based transcriber and reviewer.

Work Description

As a work from home transcriptionist for Scribie, you will get paid to type audio and video files into text. As you will be listening to various content in English, your job will be to type out what the speakers say. The tasks require general transcriptionist only. There will be no medical or other content containing hard terminology. The files for transcription will be about 6 minutes long, or shorter.

You can also work as a transcript reviewer for Scribie and review transcripts for accuracy. Transcribers/reviewers are allowed to select one assignment at a time. There is no limit on the amount of work. The more tasks you complete, the higher pay you will earn.

What’s the level of difficulty of the audio files?

You will be listening to recordings of mostly interviews, public speeches, and presentations. The speakers will have English accents that can vary from North American, British, Indian, European, African, Australian, Nordic, or mixed.

Are there opportunities to get promoted?

Yes. Build a reputation of a reliable and accurate worker and Scribie will promote you to a reviewer. As a reviewer, you will have to evaluate the transcripts for punctuation, spelling, and grammar mistakes, and verify if the transcript matches the original audio file. If you continue to perform well as a reviewer, you will be able to become self-reviewer and proofreader – that is – you can transcribe and review your own transcripts.

Qualification Required

To work as a home-based transcriptionist for Scribie, you do not require special skills or former experience. However, to do your job successfully, you will need:

  • Excellent listening skills
  • Strong command of English, written, spoken and listened.
  • Ability to identify and understand different English accents, including British, American, European, Australian and Indian accent.
  • Good typing skills

What tech equipment will I need for this job?

Before you start working from home as a transcriber for Scribie, you have to provide yourself with some basic equipment:

  • Laptop or desktop computer
  • Secure, high speed Internet connection
  • Headset or headphones that produce high quality, crystal clear sound
  • A verified PayPal account
  • A foot pedal (recommended)
  • Newest version of Chrome, Firefox, or Safari Internet browser
  • Newest version of Adobe Flash Plugin for your Internet browser

Application Process

Go to Scribie’s Jobs page. You will find a brief description about the position of transcriber and reviewer. Read it carefully. Then click on the Submit Your Application link. You will be requested to log in via your PayPal account. The system will give you a number to track your application status.

Next step is email confirmation. After you confirm your email address, all you have to do is wait until your application is reviewed. It will take no more than one business day. If they accept your candidacy, you will be invited to take an online test to evaluate your listening and typing skills.

Once you receive an invitation via email, you need to create an account on Scribie and log in to your account.  Then you will be offered a list of test audio files for transcription. You have to choose an audio file, transcribe it and submit the file for review. Depending upon the results from the review, you will be approved to work as a transcriber (and paid for the test file) or rejected.  If you fail, you can re-take the test up to 10 times.

How to prepare for the online test?

Luckily, the Scribie platform has a list of audio files for practice. I would recommend you to practice those audio files as practicing is likely to improve your chances to pass the test with flying colors.

What is the payment rate at Scribie?

The company pays $1 for a 6-minute audio file. This means, by trabscribing one hour of audio file, you will be able to earn $10. You can submit as many files as you can in one day. For every 3 hours completed work, Scribie will pay you an extra $5 bonus per month.

If you manage to submit one 6-minute raw transcript or review every day, your earnings for the month will rise to $40, including the bonus. You can also refer other people to join Scribie and get some extra money.

Payment Method

Scribie pays their work at home transcribers via PayPal and that is the only payment method available at the moment. Scribie does not send money to credit cards, bank accounts or checks.

Does Scribie hire stay-at-home workers from worldwide?

Yes, people from worldwide are welcome to apply and work as a freelance transcriber for Scribie. Only make sure your country is supported by PayPal.

Is this an employee or independent contractor opportunity?

Scribie pays their transcribers on hourly basis. If you choose to work for the company, you will be considered self-employed, i.e. independent contractor.

Overall Impression

This is not a bad opportunity for a side income if you are comfortable with typing jobs. The Scribie platform is a good starting point for those with zero experience in the transcription field. Sure, you will learn a lot. Eventually, you could be rewarded for your hard work and dedication. Plus, Scribie is a legitimate company that pays regularly and you can cash out your earnings at any time.

On the downside, working at Scribie will hardly bring your Internet success story. What is more, some former workers complain about their transcripts having been inadequately reviewed by reviewers and proofreaders, which affected their overall score. This leads to the logical conclusion that reviews can be subjective.

On balance, if you don’t set your expectations high, Scribie can be a good non-phone egg to put in your basket. It won’t hurt to try and see if you can make a good fit.

Application Link

Willing to get a taste of what transcribing from home is like, submit your application here.

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