What Exactly Does a Courthouse Researcher Do?

courthouse researcher

The data-driven world we live in offers many options to pursue a freelance career. However, not all kinds of data entry jobs are worth your time and effort. Courthouse researcher, on one hand, is a good example of a lucrative job. Plus, it remains one of the few legitimate jobs out there related to gathering data. If you have an interest in digging up city documents, tax papers, probation records, court documents, and so on, then working from home as a freelance courthouse researcher can be a good way for you to earn extra money and supplement your income.

What does a courthouse researcher do?

  • Collect data and get paid

In a nutshell, courthouse researchers gather information from courthouses for their clients.  As courthouse researcher your role is to collect and report on different kinds of legal and civil case free data such as lawsuits, criminal background records, deeds of trust, tax liens, mortgage or loan documents, and more. Such information is open to public use and free of charge. Typically, you will be hired by various businesses, namely home lenders, loan companies, banks, marketing firms, law firms, or other kinds of companies dealing with background information.  Marketing companies, for example, are keenly looking for all kinds of data. Have you ever put any thought on how cleaning companies, insurance specialists, lending agencies, etc., knew your email address to send you purchase-inviting brochures and discount offers to products and services?  Well, this is it.

  • Not the typical work-at-home job

Thankfully, a lot of public records are available in electronic version, in which case the research can be easily conducted from home. However, this is not the traditional stay-at-home job. Although part of it can be done while sitting at your computer at home, it mostly requires travelling to your county or other city/county buildings to demand the information your client needs. Depending on the case, you might have to physically visit the City Hall, or your County Clerk’s office. Therefore, you need to manage your time schedule according to the specified courthouse hours.  Of course, you can choose to accept projects from your local zone only. This way you can minimize your travel costs, for sure. The company will provide you with a database worksheet where you can put the information you have found. After they evaluate its accuracy, you will get paid.  Although this is not the traditional home-based job, being a courthouse researcher is a good way to gain valuable knowledge, experience, and build some useful connections which can help you advance in your freelance career

  • Building up your speed

Researching documents and noting down records may seem difficult at first, but in time as you practice it more, you will get used to it. What you will earn depends on the number of assignments you will complete. The more researches you make per hour, the higher your earnings will grow.

Qualification required to work as a Courthouse Researcher

Businesses need data for different purposes. You don’t need a high academic degree or any extraordinary skills and traits to do such kind of work. However, whereas some companies will hire you without any previous experience in the area, others may prefer to assign the task to expert-level professionals.

How much money does a Courthouse Researcher make?

Usually companies who seek courthouse researchers’ services pay per assigned project. Logically, the pay rate varies based on the nature and amount of work. For more complex assignments pay rates can range between $0.25 and $20 per record of input document.

Is this an independent contractor opportunity?

Courthouse researchers get hired from various companies as an independent contractors.

Some advice

Organizations benefit a lot from courthouse research professionals for they play an important role providing them with tons of valuable data. If this is something you are truly interested in, don’t be afraid to make the first step. Moreover, to keep a steady flow of work, you might want to offer your research services to more companies. As you do your current check at the local courthouse, you can look at the bulletin boards there to see if anyone needs your service. Also, try to learn as much as you can about the basic record checking and the terminology used. The more you are familiar with the basics, the greater your chances are to land a high-paid project. Furthermore, you can pay local attorneys a visit regularly to find out whether they need any legal research done.
Did we aroused your interest already? If you think this job suits your talents, don’t miss to check our list of companies hiring courthouse researchers.

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