10 Bold Ways to Earn Quick Cash for the Holidays

earn extra holiday cash

Wondering how to earn quick cash for the Holidays, look no further. We have selected for you the most profitable online job niches. Take a close look at these types of work you can do from home and earn extra money this holiday season.

  1. Tutor people online

Do you consider yourself a “people person”? If you like connecting with people and providing extra help in a particular area of expertise, perhaps you should try online tutoring. Lots of tutoring web-based platforms are constantly looking for qualified professionals who would love to spread their knowledge and help learners advance in their education. If coding is your element, you can join Code.org and help beginner coding enthusiasts make their first steps in the world of digital technologies. Native English speakers are able to take financial advantage of their language skills by helping people from around the globe who are learning English as a second language. Cambly platform pays English native tutors to share their knowledge via chat and video conversations. For more remote job opportunities, explore our list of 60 Companies Hiring Online Tutors to Work from Home.

  1. Test websites

Companies hire people to test different websites. This is good work-from-home opportunity to earn quick cash for the Holidays. Basically, your role will be to review websites and share your personal impressions. Your assessment must be based on a specific criteria.  In your rewire, you’ll have to give answers to questions like “Does the website has a potential to grow and attract more visitors?”, “What’s the quality of the content?”, “Does the design need improvements”, and so forth.  You can earn between $ 5 and $ 15.  The most popular, legit websites that will pay you to test website are: Whatusersdo, Applause, Enroll, and Loop11To find out 10 more, read this article about companies that pay people to test websites.

  1. Writing articles for content mills

If writing is your cup of tea, then waste no time and start looking for writing jobs that suit your interests and skills. Fortunately, there are plenty of opportunities to write from home and get paid. Content mills, for example, are great places for both beginners and professionals eager to do short writing tasks to supplement their income. Create an account, in a content mill of your choice, fill out your profile and explore the available remote positions. Send your proposal or accept an order, deliver your work within the deadline and get your money.

These are the most popular today content mills-type market places. Take your time to explore them in detail and find your niche.

  1. Editing and proofreading

Lots of companies offer part-time editing and proofreading jobs. If you enjoy strong command of written English, this is a great way to earn quick cash for the Holidays. In this list you’ll find 25 companies hiring home-based editors and proofreaders.

  1. Sell photos online

Do you have a passion for photography? Have you considered giving publicity to your photos? Today, plenty of online platforms offer talented photographer to publish their best work and get good money of it. If you are looking for useful ways to earn quick cash for the Holidays, this could be it.  Don’t be shy, if you have a photographer’s eye, let the world see it. To get approval to sell images on those platforms, you don’t have to be a professional photographer with a state-of-the-art camera, just make sure your photos meet the requirements. To get started, explore this list of 15 websites where you can make money on photography.

  1. Freelance graphic designer jobs

Christmas is knocking at the door. Doesn’t that inspire you to do something creative? If you are no stranger to the graphic design world, now the odds are good to benefit from your rich visual imagination and digital design skills. From designing greeting cards, stylish ebook covers, eye-pleasing brochures, to innovative fonts and stunning logos, discover the numerous interesting opportunities on the 7 top-rated platforms in the digital design industry:

  1. Create forum posts

This is a very popular and modern job which requires basic qualification. To write comments on blogs or forums, you need to have very good communication skills, good English literacy and broad general knowledge. As a forum poster, you’ll be expected to come up with interesting topics, start discussions and engage users to participate in them by posting meaningful comments and apply friendly attitude towards all users in the particular community. Interested already, here are 7 companies that will pay you to write forum posts.

  1. Data entry

Although data entry jobs are simple, sometimes they require further effort and patience to complete. Nonetheless, they remain most wanted among people who are looking for good ways to boost their main income.  If you have the desire or, more importantly, the experience to do data entry type of work from home, explore this list that consists of valuable information on 10 legitimate companies hiring people to do short data entry tasks in the comfort of their home.

  1. Answer questions

Nowadays, when we want to learn something, we simply Google it. However, it takes specific skills to be able to find out any kind of information you want. The trick to get access to everything is to know how to web search. So, if you enjoy broad general knowledge and near perfect Internet research skills, you make the right fit to work as an answer agent. What do they do? It’s simple, you create an account on a question-answer platform; as you fill out your profile, mention your work experience and any additional talents and skills. Various users will post questions and if you are available, you will have to provide a meaningful and fully informative answer. Companies pay per answer approved, so the more answers, the higher payment. In this list, you can find basic details about 18 companies who pay people to answer questions.

  1. Translation

When it comes to translation, no computer software can replace human intelligence, not even in the Digital Age. Although, Google Translate turned out to be a very useful tool, if you need a quality and accurate translation of any text, you turn to a professional translator. If you happen to be fluent in English and one other language of great demand, a good way to improve your financial health is to work as a translator in your spare time. At least until you gain enough cash to meet your expenses for the upcoming holiday season. Interested in this option, explore this list of 20 companies that are constantly looking for skilled translators.

BONUS: Short tasks for extra cash

Many websites hire people to complete short task. They are simple and won’t take much of your quality time. The pay is low, but if you manage to complete a certain amount of work, you’ll be paid accordingly. This list will introduce you to the 25 websites offering a high number of scam-free short task opportunities.

Additionally, these are the 5 top rated market places for freelancers. From transcription, writing and editing, graphic and web design, programming, translation, data entry, and so forth, you will find almost all sorts of options to make extra money from home.

For more home-based money-making solutions, check other web platforms designed to help job seekers land the perfect work deal like FlexJobs, Indeed and Work from Home Buzz.

Happy hunting!