8 Surefire Ways to Earn Money from Home around the Holidays

earn money from home around the holidays

The holidays are just around the corner. Everyone is looking forward to celebrating Christmas and New Year’s Eve and purchasing passionately gifts for friends and family. As most people have already started to enjoy the holiday spirit floating in the air, some are a little worried about their home budget. Buying presents for the loved ones certainly increases the monthly expenses. Don’t let the money woes kill the holiday mood.

Developing a proper budget can be a real challenge. But not if you find a better way to make quick cash. Thankfully, a lot of companies and individuals are looking for an extra help during the holiday season, which gives you a good opportunity to try and do some seasonal work to boost your income. Work from Home Buzz offers you eight fresh money-making ideas.

  1. Run holiday errands for other people

This is not exactly a traditional work-from-home job, but still, you will enjoy much work freedom. Many companies hire people temporarily to run errands for other people. You will get paid to shop and deliver food or groceries to the doorstep of an old lady, for example. However, in the holiday season, it’s likely that your main role will be doing gift shopping. You will be provided with wish lists and requested to find all items on them. This job can be great for people who enjoy shopping.

  1. Offer a gift wrapping service

Most people are too busy and don’t have time to wrap gifts. That’s why they usually hire someone to do that for them. Why not that somebody be you? If you have a creative mind, now is a good time to spark it a little. Launch a gift wrapping service and promote it at the right places. Order a friend with design skills to prepare flyers or business cards to announce your service and send your message to a larger audience. Spread the advertising materials at the mall, on mailboxes and various community boards. To perform a gift wrapping service you don’t need to work at the mall. You can offer your services to micro and small businesses as well as non-profit organizations and social groups. They can send you the gifts at your home address so you would be able to work from home.

  1. Sell baked products via online and retail shop

If you love baking, the holiday season is ideal to get creative and start preparing various kinds of baked goods and sell them. For example, you can bake cookies of different size and shape, mix them together and pack them in gift baskets. You can make pies or deliver custom orders. Selling baked products online or directly at a retail shop is a wonderful way to gain extra money.

  1. Become a work-at-home virtual assistant for the holidays

Who would want a virtual assistant during the holidays, some would say. Truth is, people are really busy at that time of the year, and still, there are a lot of things to be done. Therefore, the help of an assistant comes right in hand. Usually there are many small tasks that could be completed perfectly through outsourcing. As a virtual assistant, your duties could be anything, from online shopping, making holiday reservations, booking tickets, to managing emails and bookkeeping. Some clients may ask you to do tax arrangements. To do that, you will need an accounting knowledge. If you have an experience on such position as well as good knowledge in a specific industry, companies will definitely be interested in hiring you.

  1. Make holiday reefs and sell them

The Christmas season impacts inspirationally the vast majority of people pushing them to reveal their creative side. One way some can do this is by getting crafty and making holiday reefs. If you are an artistic soul wondering how to improve your budget the creative way, perhaps you should consider making holiday reefs and selling them to people. You can do this at the mall, at a holiday bazaar, or simply set up an online shop at Etsy.

  1. Become a holiday event planner

Are you a well-organized person with strong attention to detail and excellent managing and multitasking skills? Perhaps, you could work as a holiday event planner. Many businesses and individuals are recruiting people for putting their valuable skills into good use to preparing holiday parties. Your presence is not mandatory, you’ll be expected to make reservations, keep track of the guests, and make any other necessary arrangements.

  1. Test free products from home

Do you love testing free products? This could be a good way for you to make easy money from home. Plenty of companies hire individuals to test products of various brands and share their impressions. The pay is per product tested and it varies from $5 to $150. This is not a hard work so it is worth trying. If you are going to do this, be selective and use only legitimate websites like:

  1. Get paid to comment on Internet forums and blogs

This is an easy and fun job and people from worldwide are welcome to apply too. The only requirement is to have fluency in English. You must have strong grammar knowledge. You don’t need to be a creative writer, however, if you are good with words and enjoy excellent web research skills that will be an advantage.  Forums and blogs need constant activity, especially during the holidays. Valuable comments that invite to in-depth and useful discussions are a powerful weapon in attracting more visitors to a blog or forum. Therefore, such online position is in a high demand and it is worth a try. Postloop are always on the lookout for people to post smart error-free comments on blogs, forums or social media pages.

Holiday job opportunities won’t just fall from the sky. You need to develop the right approach to finding better work-from-home options.  Therefore, start exploring major job boards and business networks as early as you can. If you start looking two months before the holidays, this will increase your chances for success. No matter how long the search goes, don’t lose hope. The right fit is out there.