Top 10 In-demand Work at Home Jobs in 2017 (and probably the next 10 years)

top work at home jobs of 2017

In 2017, the controversial work at home jobs are back again. This time they came with certain improvements. Thanks to the digital technology and the rise of social media, you can now work on these scam-free online opportunities from the comfort of your home.

This wonderful list aims to get you started on the right foot in 2017.

#1 Call center representative

So many businesses outsource customer-service jobs to third-party companies who hire people to work from home as call center agents or customer service representatives. Basically, the role requires you to respond and resolve customers’ inquiries via phone, chat or email and provide assistance, including sales consulting. This is an excellent home-based job opportunity. The desired skills are kindness, strong command of English and near perfect interpersonal skills. Since many businesses need services that now can be easily performed remotely, the demand for call center agents will continue to grow big in the next 10 years.

#2 Freelance voice actor

Voice actors give their voices for a wide array of voice-over jobs. For example, you can get hired to do voice acting for podcasts, videos, audiobooks, games, etc. This type of job is really fun, actually. It is much like acting. You will have to alter your voice to sound is a specific way. If you can do this, you shouldn’t have problems finding work. However, basic training or seeking advice from expert voice actors won’t hurt.

#3 Software application developer

Undisputedly, this will be among the top wanted jobs for the next 10 years. At work or home, our lives are surrounded by software. The constantly growing revolution in the mobile device industry promises a stable long-term growth in the field of application development. Even today we use apps for various purposes: to monitor our overall health, to track our routine habits, to feed our pets, and more. The application madness will grow stronger. This means application developers will continue to be in a very high demand. Logically, they will be provided with fulfilling payments that correspond to their expertise. Moreover, this is a great career opportunity allowing you to work from home and be your own boss. To start working as an application developer, a beginner level of experience is good enough. In the process of working on various projects, you will create your own bag of tricks.

#4 Interpreters and Translators

Translators and interpreters play a significant role in today’s communication process set in a multi-cultural environment. Thanks to their knowledge and insight, people of totally different worlds are able to connect and share ideas and experience. That’s why, there will always be a need for talented translators and interpreters. Besides, such professions are flexible and allow to work from home. Currently, there are little universal standards for professional translators and interpreters. In the end, all that matters, is your ability to transform texts from one language to another in a clear way so that people would understand the meaning easily. The skills considered most valuable for a translator and interpreter are:

  • Strong language competence
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Diplomatic approach
  • Eye for the detail
  • Inter-cultural sensitivity

If you think you would make a good fit as a translator or interpreter, this is a great career path.

#5 Writer

Now more than ever, content writers are on a really high demand. Dozens of sites are being launched almost every day and they all need high quality content to get noticed. An increasing number of website and blog owners outsource web content, and pay work-from-home writers and editors to help deliver excellent-written and unique content to the online audience. This trend will keep moving forward.  Therefore, if you enjoy iron-strong grammar competence and creative writing abilities, writing jobs from home can be a fulfilling experience for you.

ProBlogger Jobs Board is a great place to find recent freelance writing job leads.

#6 Designer of Infographics

Infographics are getting more and more popular on the Internet, these days. This is because they are a great way to deliver visual content that impacts the readers. Infographics have a high potential to boost traffic and turn random users into loyal subscribers. That’s why, many website owners and bloggers are willing to pay quite a price to a skilled designer for a stunning infographic. Infographic creation requires basic designing skills and a personal touch. If you believe you have the right skills, you can sit in the comfort of your house, create mind-blowing infographics and make a nice living of it.

#7 Graphic designer

Just like infographic designers, the need of talented graphic designers is increasing rapidly every day. This is a perfect work-from-home job, especially if you are into the creative kind of work and prefer to do it independently. Companies, advertising agencies, magazines, newspapers, websites and blogs are always on the lookout for graphic designers who know what they are doing. A single client can be good enough for you to trade your skills for a high price that will allow you to maintain a great living standard. Definitely worth a try.

#8 Freelance animator

Another quite fulfilling job related to creativity.  This is a good opportunity to work from home, however, it may be challenging at times. What is more, you have to put money in certain kind of resources as well as computer software and hardware, which comes at a high price range. Nonetheless, once your works catch the eye of high paying clients, the initial investment you’ve made will return. Note, some projects may require you to work with other animation professionals. For someone who is used to work alone, teamwork can be daunting at first. Don’t be scared if this happens. In most cases it brings pleasure and sets the scene for exchange of ideas and experience.

#9 Virtual juror

Many companies pay people to work remotely as online jurors. All you have to do is, sit tight in your home and review ongoing legal cases.  You will have to leave feedback based on your personal thoughts after taking into account all the information on current cases. The point is, the jury consultants and attorneys could use your opinion in favor of the case they are handling.  The cases aren’t fake, they are absolutely real. The attorneys need such honest reviews because they can help them see things from a different perspective, evaluate the facts, weigh the strengths and weaknesses and make a better decision in the end. Typically, pay rates vary from $10 to $60 per case. Although this is a very modern type of job with a potential to grow even more popular, it is suitable for extra income only.

Websites where you can apply to find work at home Virtual Juror jobs:

#10 Social Media Manager

Large and small businesses, as well as startups, they all thrive to establish a solid online presence in order to strengthen the relationship with existing customers and attract new ones. But not all business owners have the time or skills to launch online ad campaigns and post fresh content on all social media profiles. That is when social media managers come to play. They are trained to help businesses expand their audience virtually using a certain set of tools. This work-from-home job is basically new to the freelance world, but it has proved highly effective with potential to grow larger in the next decade. If you like to work in the social media field, you can sell your skills on the various freelancing platforms. Or, you can reach companies and offer your service directly.

Where to find work at home jobs?

This is a list of legitimate marketplaces where you can offer your skills and connect with prospective clients:

For more home-based job opportunities, take a peek at the Online Jobs Directory.

On the overall, if we throw a glance at the future, one thing is for sure, the global economy is well suited for freelance work.

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  • I’m having a hard time finding a work from home job. I’m beginning to wonder if they really exist? Either they want experience, a degree or you need to type so many words per minute….it’s always something. I even took a course in community moderation. But has not helped to find a job (yet). I’ll look through your site. But I need more than that! lol