4 Smart Tips to Choose the Best Work from Home Job

Tips to choose the Best Work from Home Job

Choosing the best home based job is one of the portentous decisions that you have to make before you jump into the work from home bandwagon. Almost all of us scan the internet daily for work at home opportunities. If we find a WAH job opening whose requirements matches our profile, we immediately start filling out the application form. We do not even think about the work prospect, promotional scope and so on. Why? Because we have the ethos of considering home based jobs only as a source of extra income.

Actually, it’s not our fault. In most countries, especially in India, telecommuting culture is quite new. Back in 2011, people used to make fun of me when I decided to work from home. Now, things have changed a bit but people still consider work from home as a part-time opportunity.

But working from home is the same as working in a traditional brick-and-mortar company. If you want to make a living working from home, do check out our tips to choose the best work from home job before getting started.

1) Test Yourself before You Leap

Try out every WAH jobs available but do not think too far at the very beginning. Apply to a few jobs at a time and then consider what you are good at. Segregate your work, give time equally and after a few months, analyze which telecommuting job is best for you. Do not run for money. Even if the payment is low, do what you love and stick to it.

Suppose, you are working as an inbound virtual call center agent and you are good at it. But after seeing a job posting, you joined a sales job with lucrative pay scale. Will you enjoy the work? After a few months you will eventually get tired of calling people and not making any sales and the company will get rid of you.

2) Do You Have a Promotional or Prevention Focused Mind?

Ask yourself what you really want to do. Do you really want to work as an employee of a company throughout your life or you want to start a business even if it involves several risks during its initial stage.

If you have a promotional focused mind, you will want to start your own venture even if it involves risks. There are several home based businesses that you can start with limited investment. But if you have a prevention focused mind, you will be more than happy telecommuting for a company. Since, you are satisfied in your mind that you will
receive a guaranteed payment at the end of the month.

3) Focus on Your Personality

Personality helps a lot in determining the career opportunity. If you are an introvert, you will love doing home-based jobs that involves limited conversation. Some of the jobs include web search evaluator, accounting, writing, transcription as well as data entry.

Whereas if you are an extrovert or a social butterfly, you will enjoy doing jobs that requires you to socialize. Some of the jobs include inbound call center agent, outbound sales agent, appointment setter, virtual assistant and courthouse research jobs.

4) Decide the Lifestyle That You Want

You like it or not – in work from home opportunities, you have to be contented with low paying jobs. Where do you want to see yourself after you devote five precious years to a WAH company? Decide yourself – Will you be satisfied working for a company that offers yearly salary increment, paid vacations and occasional promotions?

If you just want to spend time with your family, go on regular weekend romantic dinners and occasional vacations, then working as a company employee will be right for you. Whereas, if you work as a freelancer, writer or blogger, you will be able to see the world, live at different places and learn a lot from other cultures as well.

What else do you think is the deciding factor to choose the best work from home job? Comment and share your thoughts below.

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