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Based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, for more than 15 years, Talk2Rep has been successfully providing call center and chat support services to some of the largest American companies, such as Verizon, AT&T, Procter & Gamble, Bayer, etc. As a nationally recognized leader in telecommunication services, Talk2Rep is more focused on chat support rather than phone customer service. Furthermore, Talk2Rep distinguishes from the rest of the companies for its constantly growing network of highly skilled home-based professionals. With more than 2000 enthusiasts applying for jobs monthly, Talk2Rep enjoys over 25,000 certified remote agents whose skills are tested, selected, background checked, and proved highly effective.

Talk2Rep has been hiring people for their work from home chat agent jobs since 2005. Basically, as a chat agent for Talk2Rep your role will be to chat with various customers, existing or non-existing, promoting different products and services emphasizing on the benefits. You will also have to respond to inbound inquiries over chat in a friendly, quick, and efficient manner, and consult customers regarding products and services provided by private industries, including Healthcare, Energy, Financial, Insurance, Retail, Technology, Travel, and more. The work hours are flexible, which is a plus, especially if you work somewhere else or study in university.

The company also hires customer service representatives. If you choose that online job, your responsibilities will be to schedule appointments, manage the company’s emails, or conduct telephone surveys to collect and summarize data as requested by some of the largest companies in USA. You are free to choose the kind of job that best suits your skills and daily timetable.

How to tell whether you are skilled enough to work as a chat agent for Talk2Rep?

Some former employees say that Talk2Rep tend to be very picky when it comes to meeting company’s requirements. Successful applicants must be able to type pretty fast, 50 words per minute is considered an advantage. Previous experience in online sales or chat jobs as well as wireless knowledge is not required, but it will make your candidacy more attractive, and the HR agent will definitely ask you about that in the interview. Excellent communication and writing skills are an absolute must. Spelling, grammar and sentence structure should be near perfect.

Since the company specializes in French telemarketing and offers services in the French and Creole speaking communities, candidates fluent in French are welcome to join the team of remote agents. English – Spanish speakers can also apply confidently for a customer service representative in the bilingual department. Given that you will have to handle chatting with three people at the same time, good organization and ability to multitask will be also a great advantage. High school diploma from an accredited institution will be good enough to prove your education status.

Technical Requirements

There are some requirements regarding the Internet connection that you can consider a make or break factor for your candidacy. Top speed hard-wired (no wireless) Internet connection is a must. Your computer must have Windows OS. If you don’t, they will ask you to install it. Your computer’s upload speed must be 1.0 mbps at minimum and they will have it tested. If it doesn’t meet the requirements, your application will probably be declined.

How does the application process go?

Go to the official page and find the Career Opportunities section. Check the button “Apply Now – Click Here->” and explore the currently vacant positions in the career section. After simply clicking on the titles, you will find a detailed description about each job. Then you click on the “Apply for this Position” button and fill up the application form. Only selected candidates will receive an email with an invitation to an interview. After setting up a date, you will conduct an interview with an HR agent via Skype.

Additionally, you should keep in mind that the company may require background check and charge you for it. Once the background check was successful, you can work from home as a chat agent for Talk2Rep.

How much does Talk2Rep pay their remote workers?

Talk2Rep applies flexible payment structure. Principally, the payment is based on the level of your work performance. Whereas chat agents are paid $9-$10 per hour, other employees’ hourly rate varies from $10-$14 and sometimes even more.

The payment is based on the amount of work, so the more sales and surveys you make, the better. If your sales drop drastically, your payment may be decreased to 7$ per hour.

Payment Methods

The company makes payment every few weeks via direct bank deposits, so you will need to provide details of an active bank account.

Does Talk2Rep hire freelancers from worldwide?

Talk2Rep hires virtual chat agents and customer service representatives only in the United States.

Are there any training programs for new arrivals?

Talk2Rep offers training programs to new employees and they usually take a week or two. During the training process, you may be asked to go through a few webinars and/or seminars that last a few hours each. There is also a one-to one option for training which is proved more effective to some workers. This is a great opportunity to learn new and valuable things. Something you should keep in mind is that the training is NOT paid.

Is this an independent contractor opportunity?

Yes, Talk2Rep offers an independent contract option, which means you have to handle the taxes on your own.

Final thoughts

If you desire to work at home and currently are looking for a non-phone job, Talk2Rep may have the right opportunities for you. Their chat-type virtual jobs offer good solutions for customers of big companies. The former chat agents’ opinions range from truly satisfied with the job conditions to utterly disappointed. When some have left the company frustrated, others feel like they had fulfilling time working in a busy, but less stressful work environment, enjoying many opportunities to grow. You can read more reviews about Talk2Rep on Indeed. In the end, it is totally up to you to decide whether to work or not as a chat agent for Talk2Rep.

Application Link

To work as a chat agent for Talk2Rep, you can submit your online resume using the application form on the company website.

Do you already have existing experience with Talk2Rep or similar companies? Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments below.