Get Paid to Sell Your Expertise with Ether

get paid to sell your expertise with ether

Everyone is good at something. If you value your talents and skills, and want to benefit from them as much as possible, perhaps you should consider promoting your expertise on Ether. If you are comfortable with the idea of giving advice based on your knowledge and experience to help people from around the world, then you read the following review about one of the best platforms for experts to share advice and information and get paid.

About the company

Ether is a telephony-and-web service provider co-founded by Ingenio tech start-up visionary Scott Faber back in 1999. Constantly expanding over the years, the company has turned into a highly profitable business. In essence, Ether is a virtual place where people worldwide are able to connect with all kinds of experts, including therapists, writers, finance consultants, marketers, etc. Through one phone call or email these professionals give a personalized expert advice or information to whoever needs it.

Whether you’re a financial or insurance consultant, marketing expert, web developer, psychologist, or writer, you can make extra cash selling your expertise to others through emails or phone calls. In addition, the Ether platform allows you to sell via email digital content of different type such as photographs, videos, articles, documents, drafts, etc.

Qualification requirements

Working with Ether is easy and fun. All you need is to be qualified enough on any of the below mentioned areas. As you can see the range is impressively wide. Expert-level professionals can take good advantage of their skills and knowledge, for sure.

  • Arts & Entertainment
  • Business & Finance
  • Computing & Internet
  • Education & Tutoring
  • Health & Wellness
  • Home & Consumer
  • Legal Services
  • Personal Finance & Taxes
  • Self & Society
  • Travel & Recreation

How can you register and sell your expertise on Ether?

Luckily, Ether has pretty clear step-by-step instructions to make the registration process easier. Visit the How it works page and read the guidelines.

First, create an account by filling up the online registration form. Then you will be asked to sign up for a free phone number with an 8-digit unique extension. It is something like that: 1-888-MY-ETHER. Once you do that, set the number to forward calls to your personal phone number – whether mobile, home or work – that’s on you to decide. Your actual phone number will remain private.

Second, you will need to set your rate. Optionally, you can charge per minute, per hour, or per call. Whatever you want.

Third, you have to set working hours when you will be available to take calls. Your phone will ring only after clients prepay for your service.

See this picture to get an idea of what does the list of professionals in the Ether Directory looks like.


How can you promote your profile

After you sign up, Ether will give you promotional materials like banners, buttons, and links so you can market yourself out. Use those things to make your profile popular through blogs, websites and social media accounts. You can also create business cards and distribute it to your clients.

How does the payment process go?

Each expert determines a billing option on their own according to their level of experience and knowledge. As an expert, you can charge per minute, per hour, or per call to clients. Ether will take a 15 percent commission and deposit the rest in your Ether account.

Payment methods

Ether sends payments to your bank account via direct deposit, or you can request to receive a check and have it delivered to your address.

Does Ether hire professionals from worldwide?

The best thing about Ether is that experts from anywhere in the world are free to join the platform and take advantage of their services.

Bottom line

In short, Ether is a scam-free website that targets experts on various fields and pay them to share their knowledge via phone or email. If you find the idea of web-consulting attractive and feel like you have something valuable to say to others, you can register and join the pool of experts. Those who have been dealing with many companies referring to consulting have a pretty good idea of how hard goes the part when you negotiate fees and billing options. This is a time-wasting process from both the client and the expert’s perspective. Well, as Ether applies transparent policy regarding fees and payment, this problem seems to be solved.

Overall, Ether seems a decent place for consultants who are eager to let people pick up their brains in exchange of a certain amount of money. Perhaps, it is more beneficial for professionals who do not operate on a freelance basis. However, don’t put your expectations high. Ether will hardly make you rich. Note that most of the client reviews on their site are from 2014, which leaves with the impression that the flow of clients might have decreased over the last year. Still, it won’t hurt if you create an account to display your skills.

Application link

To get started selling your expertise at Ether, go to this page and fill up the necessary details to create your account.

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