Review Calls for Humanatic to Make Money Online

Review Calls for Humanatic

Humanatic is a phone call categorization website developed by the Dallas-based call tracking company Century Interactive. Humanatic recruits independent contractors from different parts of the globe to listen and review calls online. This is a scam-free opportunity for job seekers who are looking for additional ways to earn money from home.

What kind of calls has to be reviewed?

As a call reviewer for Humanatic, you will have to listen to recorded calls referring to various business conversations and determine whether the customer who is calling has been put through the right employee and provided with quality information.  After you listen to the phone call, you will have to tag it accordingly. It’s in your best interest if you do this with top precision and fast. However, if you can’t do both, accuracy has higher priority. The aim of these reviews is to collect valuable data which will be analyzed and used for developing effective marketing strategies to improve the information exchange over the phone and boost sales.

Producing high accuracy is the main requirement to all reviewers, but if you can manage to review and submit fast enough, you can gain access to more categories and earn better. Whether you will be considered eligible for high-paid categories, depends on your overall performance. The more accurate reviews you produce (90% and above), the many categories will unlock for you. That’s because each category applies requirements that reviewers must meet beforehand. To learn more, you can visit Humanatic forum , check the open threads and get some answers.

Qualification Required

Attention to detail, excellent listening and comprehension skills is the name of the game if you want to be successful and rewarded for your good work. Interested already, take a brief tour to learn more about the work.

Technical Requirements

To perform well as a Humanatic reviewer, you need to have a reliable computer, high-speed Internet connection and verified PayPal account. A pair of top quality headphones is strongly recommendable.

How to apply?

To enter the system, you must create a PayPal account, no fees required. Go to the registration page and click on the blue button that says “Log in with PayPal”. Then the system will direct you to a different page and ask you to fill in an online form requiring basic information about yourself, such as name, country of residence, email address, employment history. etc. Also, you will be asked to accept the company’s terms and conditions.

After Humanatic has your application reviewed and approved, an email with your account login details and further instructions will be sent to you. Then you will be able to log in and start working. You can review calls any time you like as long as there are any available.

How much does Humanatic pay?

This is a low-paid online job, be under no illusion. The pay rate starts from $0.007 and can potentially go high. At the beginning, you could not make more than $10 within eight hours.

Payment Methods

Humanatic pays once every week via PayPal. To request a payout, you must have earned no less than $10.

Note that: You must request payout by 12:00 PM EST on Mondays. For more information on payments, read How do I get paid? page.

Does Humanatic hire call reviewers from worldwide?

Regardless of nationality, age, work history, etc., people from anywhere are welcome to apply and review calls for Humanatic.

Is Humanatic worth your time?

On the downside, work is inconsistent and so is payment. There are far too many volunteers to evaluate calls, and, naturally, at some point there will be no calls for you to review. On the upside, this job is a cushy number because listening to phone calls can be amusing and informative, and it allows you to work flexible hours from home. Plus, the company gives you the chance to use your tablet, laptop or smartphone to work wherever you are.

When I started reviewing calls for Humanatic, I worked really hard 4 hours a day to make only $5. Admittedly, the rate per call is ridiculously low. On top of that, the work was inconsistent for most of the time. I had to wait for several minutes to get the next call. Many people, on the other hand, manage to earn more than $50 daily. You can see that by checking the Leaderboard tab of your Humanatic account.

On no account, working at Humanatic will help you build a fortune; however, it remains a legitimate way to make small amounts of money to bridge the gap between your expenses and earnings. You will work very hard and still won’t be satisfied with the payment. My advice is, sign up and see what it is all about. It won’t hurt if you have an account, but DO NOT rely on this as a main source of income.

Application Link

If you are eager to review some calls and already have a verified PayPal account, sign up now to get started.

Have you ever tried working for Humanatic? What kind of environment did you experience? Feel free to share your opinion in the comments below.

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