Work from Home as a Freelance Transcriptionist for Rev

Transcriptionist for Rev

REV is a startup company based in San Francisco, California noted for its open-door policy where freelancers from various countries around the world can be hired to do several kinds of transcription work from home. As a fast-growing company, REV’s mission is to build technologically-advanced virtual place to attract professionals of different talents who choose to work in the comfort of their home. The company offers four main jobs that include transcription, translation, caption and subtitles creating.

Work Description

As REV is focused on providing four types of services, this gives freelancers the opportunity to choose. They can play the role of transcriptionists, captioners or translators. As a work from home freelance transcriptionist for REV, you will have to listen to audio and video files and type what speakers say. Captioners watch videos and create tailor-made captions. It is very important that the captions are synchronized with the videos’ timing. Naturally, translators do translations (or captions) from one language to another.

Apart from English, REV supports wide variety of foreign languages, namely Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Arabic. Therefore, everyone who is fluent in one of these is welcome to join the team.

Qualification Required

No previous experience is required to work as a freelance transcriptionist for REV, which is a great opportunity for beginners. However, when you start the application process you will have to meet a few requirements. Good typing abilities along with excellent grammar knowledge are among the top wanted skills to make you a good fit for work at home positions at REV. Captions are created only in English, so proficient English knowledge is a must to all applicants.

Technical Requirement

Logically, to be able to perform your duties well, whether transcriptionists or captioners, you will need to have good technical equipment, which requires strong internet connection, a decent laptop and headphones that produce perfectly clear sound. Also, you will need some software installed as you will have to save files in different formats, such as SubRip (.srt), Scenarist (.scc), MacCaption (.mcc), Timed Text (.ttml), Quicktime Timed Text (.qt.txt), Transcript (.txt), WebVTT (.vtt), DFXP (.dfxp), Cheetah .CAP (.cap), Spruce Subtitle File (.stl), XML (.xml), etc.

Application Process

To apply for REV work from home transcription or any other jobs, you have to use the form on the company website.
Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on “Apply for Work”. You will be sent directly to the freelancers’ section. Go to “Openings”, look through the brief descriptions and pay rates about the jobs. Then click on “Apply now”. You will be send to another sub-page offering additional information regarding the job you chose. Press the “Apply now” button and start filling your personal information.

The transcriptionist job application at REV is divided into 6 parts and will probably take you about 60 minutes to complete. In the first two parts you have to put your contact details and work experience. Parts 3, 4 and 5 include tests to check on your grammar, writing and transcription skills. After you submit all of the required details, the company will review your application and notify you of the results via email. To apply for the rest of the positions, you will need to complete similar applications and pass the tests required.

How much does REV pay their work from home transcribers?

Payment rates vary. As a work from home transcriptionist you will be able to make $0.40 – $0.65 per audio minute. If you put more time and effort, you will be rewarded accordingly. A dedicated transcriptionists can reach $241 monthly payment on average. The most passionate hard-workers can reach about $1,495 per month. Captioners earn 0.50-$0.75 per video minute. While the average payout per month for captioners goes around $240, the highest monthly earning can reach up to $1570. Translators get paid $0.05 – $0.07 per word.

Payment Methods

REV pays their home-based employees once a week via PayPal, based on the work projects completed.

Does REV hire freelance transcriptionists from worldwide?

REV’s philosophy is to attract the best workers worldwide who are able to deliver excellent performance and leave customers satisfied with the final results. Therefore, everyone worldwide is free to apply to Rev home-based transcription jobs and other jobs as well.

All things considered

Considering former employees’ reviews posted on blogs and forums, it is likely to be controversial defining REV only as a poor or excellent employer. Perhaps, one has to read between the lines. If you are looking for a work-at-home job that is flexible, well-paid and costs little to start, take your chances. REV is a good place to make your first steps in the general transcription/caption/translation home business, earn good experience and sharpen your language skills as well.

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You value your time and skills, want to follow flexible schedules, and choose freely when to work and what project to take, try you luck and apply for a transcription job at REV.

If Rev is a company you used to work in the past, please share your former experience and personal impressions with us. Let people know whether this is a good or bad company to work for.