Work from Home Online Math Tutor for Reasoning Mind

Work from Home Tutoring Math for Reasoning Mind

Reasoning Mind is a Houston-based non-profit organization offering work from home tutoring jobs since 2000. They have been giving teachers the wonderful opportunity to do what they do best – spread their knowledge among students.  Their efforts are focused on helping students from poor economic countries get access to first-hand teaching experience through one-to-one sessions and modern online equipment. Reasoning Mind partners with a number of education facilities and is always looking for online Math tutors who can work from home and contribute to the common goal – helping education reach greater limits and accomplishing better student outcomes through proper technical equipment and full commitment.

Work Description

As an online Math tutor for Reasoning Mind, your role will be to tutor Math online to students from 2nd to 6th grade using the Reasoning Mind digital platform. Currently they have three active courses: “Supplemental for Elementary”, “Core for Elementary”, and “Reasoning Mind for Middle School”. You will have to provide proper assistance to students experiencing issues with the subject or need further training to get ready for contests. This jobs requires solving equations and working on A-level, B-level or C-level problems. You’ll be working with one student at a time using your home computer.

Qualification Required

The best thing about online tutoring for Reasoning Mind is that you don’t need former experience as a teacher (although it can be an advantage). To make a good fit for this position, you need to have a certain level of Math knowledge. A high school diploma is good enough. Also, college students, college graduates, and anyone else professionally interested in Math, all are welcome to apply. The higher academic achievements, the better. And if you are an Internet savvy, consider yourself one step ahead in the competition.

Additional skills that will help you succeed:

  • Critical thinking, reasoning, and logic skills
  • Deep conceptual understanding
  • Computational fluency

Technical Requirements

To be able to work as an online Math tutor for Reasoning Mind platform, you need to meet a few computer configuration requirements. Pentium 4 processor at 2.4 Ghz, 512MB RAM, screen resolution 1024×768, high quality headsets, and stable fast Internet connection are absolute must-haves. It’s totally okay if you use a Windows or Apple computer. You’ll need to make additional software installments. You are allowed to use the following web browsers:

  • Safari 2.0
  • Mozilla Firefox version 3.0
  • Internet Explorer 7
  • Chrome

Also, you must have Adobe Flash Player version or higher. Read the full instructions by visiting Technology Requirements page.

How to Apply?

To apply and work from home as an online Math tutor for Reasoning Mind , simply submit an online application. Add your personal details like name, preferred contact number, address, city and country of residence. You need to state your current work status as well. After you’ve finished with the online form, attach your resume and press the Send Application button at the right bottom of the page. You are free to submit your resume via LinkedIn if you like.

Please note, right now Reasoning Mind has no vacant positions for online tutors. However, if you are truly interested, complete the online form using the recruiting platform Jobvite. In the form, include your name and email address and Jobvite will put you on a waiting list to send notification once a new position at Reasoning Mind has opened.

How much does Reasoning Mind pay home-based tutors?

Depending on what time of the school year you get hired for tutoring, the pay rates vary. Rumor has it, during the fall season tutors can earn about $15 per hour, whereas for the rest of the time pay rates go around $11. Keep in mind, this information is not confirmed.

Does Reasoning Mind hires math tutors from worldwide?

Reasoning Mind welcomes tutors from anywhere but under one condition. Regardless of your location, you must be authorized to work in the United States.

Is it worth your time?

Becoming an online Math tutor for Reasoning Mind is a good opportunity to make extra money and practice your Math skills. The schedule is flexible and you will work in a pleasant environment communicating with students. The overall feedback left on Internet forums is mostly positive although there is one issue: this job should not to be considered long-term. So if you bear this in mind, meet the general requirements and feel okay with the payment, I’d recommend you visit the website regularly to check for new vacancies or simply register on the Jobvite platform to get notified as soon as something comes out.

Application Link

Still interested, you can visit their careers page and start your application. Alternatively, you can fill out the Job Notification form to receive automatic notification via email.

Do you have experience on online tutoring? Have you worked as an online Math tutor for Reasoning Mind? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section.

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