Surviving through College with Online Tutoring Jobs


This is a guest post by Jason P.

America’s economic atmosphere is causing a few of us tight-budget college students to start feeling uncomfortable. Most of us suffer from this economic heat which can trigger a certain level of stress, then cause a negative chain reaction and potentially damage our academic performances. It may be a slight roadbump to some, and to others, it can mean the difference between enjoying a healthy meal, or eating noodles for dinner. The advice and suggestions for frugal living is always an assertive option, but can only stretch so far. With highly priced textbooks and long commute to school for those that don’t live on campus, it becomes a constant challenge to juggle education with a part-time or full-time job.

Accepting more job offers with strict schedules isn’t the solution to generate an extra income, and can cause more damage to our bodies that what we think. Investing in our futures has been hardwired in our lifestyles, but what about our present state? Committing to overtime hours  and working until you’re sleep walking is of the past – I’ve struggled and then overcame these hurdles by following these fundamentals:

Tutoring online after each semester

As a student, there’s a win-win situation that most of us don’t take advantage of with today’s booming gig economy. There’s perfectly useful knowledge that can not only be shared and taught after passing every class, but can also add extra dollars in your pocket. We have a tendency in becoming subject matter experts, but we don’t have a tendency for creativity in using our talents for our benefit. Tutoring online has evolved from the suit and tie approach, to an extensive pool or opportunities to work remotely, at your own pace, and choosing your own clients. In addition, most students acquire an unofficial teaching endeavour during semesters without even knowing it. It’s a chance to turn the tables from a receptive mindset, to a teaching and provider mindset.

What are the advantages of online tutoring?

The most obvious and showcased advantage is the online factor. Your laptop is with you everywhere you go, and so are the opportunities. Most employers think they offer flexible schedules and competitive salaries, but that’s only if you’re allowed to be fooled and haven’t navigated through the online tutoring realm and platforms. Generally, as an online tutor you’ll have the privilege to set up your personalized working hours: whether it’s part time, full time, or only weekends. If you’re a night owl and can only work graveyards hours, there’s options for you as well. Your empty and boring days can turn into aggressive hustle strategies to put in as many hours as you’re willing to do, or the entire day – the list goes on.

You would think that clients choose you, but the advantage of this market is that you get to choose the client. This can revolve around the subject you’re most experienced, and expertised in. Overall, this freedom takes a complex working world, and simplifies it for you so you can take life by the horns without having to struggle, and without thinking about your next expense as if it were a cold.  

Find your platform and settle

After understanding the top layer of things, it’s time that you take a step forward – but be careful with your step. There’s hundreds of options and platforms that claim achievements which tend to be ghosts once you’ve signed up. Applying to become an online tutor can be a simple form application, or long and dreadful as if you were in person. As a novice looking for something simple, straightforward, and powerful here’s a few trustworthy options:        

  • WizIQ provides live learning and is absolutely free with no cost to the teacher and student. It focuses on virtual classrooms and group sessions and discussions!
  • Studypool connects students with tutors on a per question basis. Simply answer students’ questions and get paid. All payments are sent out via Paypal within 1-2 business days. The Studypool customer support team can assist with questions and doubts within 15 minutes!
  • BuddySchool has free registration which takes under one minute to complete. You don’t have to worry about payments since all students pay in advance – this secures your earnings and efforts!

Once you transition from a novice to an expert in this realm, you’ll have to be mindful of maintaining a courteous attitude for those you help and tutor. Building a quality and accountable reputation should be your focal point in order to have a strong network for consistent income.

Do you have any knowledge or experience working as an online tutor? Feel free to share your opinion. 

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