Make Extra Money from Home without Leaving Your Day Job


There are several work from home jobs where you can make extra money from home without leaving your day job. You only need to find out which ones suit best your talents and expertise. Whatever home-based job you pick, make sure you are comfortable with it and your knowledge is broad enough.

Most of these jobs can be started as a hobby. Nonetheless, they require hard work and probably will cost some sleepless nights. At first you will hardly make a living on any of them, that is why you shouldn’t quit your day job. But in the long run, your labor will bear fruits.

Become an online instructor

Online classes and MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) are immensely popular these days. They have proved a useful way to fill the education gaps worldwide. Many developing countries offer limited opportunities for students to learn modern skills. That’s when MOOCs come to help.

So, if you consider yourself an expert in any area, let’s say journalism, you can create an online classroom, promote it on trustworthy education platforms, such as Udemy, and set a reasonable price that corresponds to the quality of the content.

Platforms like Udemy give instructors the full freedom to choose the topic and set the tone while creating and developing the online course. You’ll have enough time to experiment and improve your skills as an instructor. The more skilled you grow, the better courses you’ll be able to create. This certainly will engage more people to buy them.

Freelance writing for secondary income

If you love words and writing is your element, why not pursue a freelance writing career? If you choose to do so, only make sure to start early and don’t be quick to leave your day job yet.

Freelance writing is well-paid and honored profession, but it takes time and hard work until you gain higher pay rates. At first, you can make extra money from writing gigs on various content mill websites such as Content Authority, Writer Access, Domainite, Writer Bay, Article Bunny, etc.  Upwork is also a good place to start.

As you are willing to earn from this, you will have to choose a writing niche: copywriting, blog post & article writing, creative writing, grant writing, academic writing, and so forth. I suggest you focus on one or two niches and work on improving the on-demand skills. Again, you’ll have to be patient. The money won’t come easy, but it will happen.

Start your own YouTube channel

Launching a YouTube channel is a great way to make extra money from home. Although launching your own YouTube channel is time-consuming, but once you make it look professional and fill with engaging visual content, you will start making money on it.

As you build the channel, it is good to have a primary source of income, because you will hardly make any money at the beginning.

If you wonder what topic should you choose to make a successful channel on YouTube, find out what people are willing to watch. Among the most searched topics on YouTube are How-to and DIY videos as well as strategies and tactics to play popular video games.

Earn aside from gigs on Fiverr

Fiverr is a good marketplace for freelancers. Over the years, many clone websites have come and gone trying to compete with it unsuccessfully.  Fiverr offers plenty of work-from-home opportunities for freelancers to make extra money from home. From ebook formatting, photo re-touch, online advertising to website and logo creation, you can sell any kind of skills there for 5$ and higher.

I am sure everyone can find its place on this platform. Only keep in mind that it will take time until your profile climbs up and become visible to a larger audience of buyers. It could take months until you start getting a steady income. Therefore, keep your day job, but promote your skills on Fiverr in the meantime.

Many people started selling their services with the intention only to boost their income. Later, they reached the top seller star status and had to quit their regular jobs to be able to devote their full energy to projects ordered by clients on Fiverr.

Write an eBook and sell it on Amazon

Needless to say, in the Digital Age, eBooks are immensely popular among people of different age. Whether on a smartphone, tablet, or Kindle device, everyone reads eBooks. Unlike paper books, eBooks are being formatted differently and doesn’t have to be very long.

The types of eBooks people search for the most are self-help (nutrition, gardening, writing, designing, diet & weight loss, career advancement tips, child care, etc.). Fiction eBooks are a6lso on a high demand. As far as I know, fantasy teen stories about supernatural creatures as well as dystopian and post apocalypse reads that feature teen characters enjoy a fast growing audience right now.

Overall, writing an eBook and selling it on Amazon is a good source of passive income. If you consider yourself an aspiring and budding writer, take this chance.

What other ideas of making money as a secondary income do you know? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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