21 Ideas for Teenagers to Make Extra Cash for the Holidays

Awesome Ideas for Teenagers to Make Extra Holiday Cash

As the Holiday season is approaching, most people, including high school and college teens, start looking for ways to make extra cash for the holidays. Unlike adults, teens don’t have unlimited options for part-time work due to age and lack of experience. Besides, they have expenses, too. Fortunately, there are still plenty of online opportunities for high school and college students to boost their pocket money and buy holiday gifts for their family and friends.

Sell Old Stuff

That’s the fastest way to make extra cash for the Holidays. You can earn on selling useless stuff via the eBay platform or arrange a yard sale. Teenagers have lots of things they don’t use. So, why don’t you grab that H&M trench coat you barely wear and try to sell it to someone who is willing to pay you good money? What else you can sell: textbooks from previous school years, your old smartphone, and anything that holds no significant value to you.

Online Job Opportunities for Internet Savvies

Having grown up in the IT age, almost all teenagers are digital natives. This means, they have next to perfect computer skills which gives them the privilege to perform a wide range of online tasks. Here are some of them:

Online Surveys

If you are ready to sacrifice some free time to earn quick extra cash for the holidays, doing online surveys may be perfect for you. Online survey jobs suit best for teenagers because they don’t require any experience or special talents. All you need is general computer knowledge. Although surveys are small and simple jobs, they won’t make you rich. However, if you manage to complete as many surveys as you can, you can earn yourself a pretty good amount of Holiday money.

These are a few trustworthy places, where you can try your luck:

Answer Questions from Home

The job requires excellent communication and web research skills and strong command of English, because your role will be to receive all sorts of questions and provide valuable answers. Teenagers with a broad general knowledge will certainly do well on this. Check out some companies where you can get paid to answer questions from home.

Data Entry

In most cases, data entry jobs require nothing but high typing speed and accuracy. If you have no former experience, that’s okay. Given how active today’s teenagers are on chats, blogs, forums and social media, the fast typing skills shouldn’t be a problem. Check out the well-known companies providing home-based data entry jobs.


Transcription jobs are great for people with no experience, including teenagers, because general transcription doesn’t require any special knowledge. As a transcriber, you will be expected to listen to different audio files (public talks, speeches, lectures) and write what the speakers say. The duration of each recording can be around 10 seconds or more. Check out some legitimate companies offering part-time transcription jobs.

Rate Online Advertisements

The role of an ads quality rater is to watch various advertisements online and evaluate their quality. You will be expected to provide detailed analysis based on certain criteria. ZeroChaos is a legitimate company that pays freelancers to evaluate online ads.

Web Search Evaluator

Such position will require you to test and provide analysis on how search engines work. You will have to type specific keywords in the search box to check if the search engine will generate adequate results, related to your search. If you are interested in this job, you can find here a list of companies hiring web search evaluators to work from home.

Review Calls

It doesn’t require any special qualification to review calls. Basically, you need excellent listening and comprehension skills as well as fast computer and stable Internet connection. Of course, you won’t make a fortune of listening to business calls and reviewing them, but if you need extra pocket money for Christmas, this opportunity is just fine. Humanatic is a well-known legitimate company that hires part-time workers to review calls.

Review New Artists

How do you feel about listening to new songs or watching commercials, reviewing them and get paid for it? Indeed, that is an easy and entertaining job. SliceThePie is an awesome place for teenagers to review music online. It gives you the opportunity to discover the newest trends in fashion and music. Plus, your reviews will help other people make the right decisions.

Online Research

Many companies are looking for people to do web research from home and provide particular data about companies in a specific industry or market niche. The job doesn’t require any special skills, only excellent wed research abilities, which any teenager has these days.


If you are a native English speaker and enjoy strong knowledge of a second language, you can translate texts and get paid for it. Foreign languages in high demand now are French, Spanish, German, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish, Greek, Hindi and Russian, so if you are fluent in one of them, don’t waste time and try your chances. You can apply to translation companies, create a gig on Fiverr’s translation category or join the translators-centered platform Proz.

Tutor People Online

Tutoring is a great way to earn money from home. What are you good at – Math, English, Chemistry, Geography, or Computer Science? Teach your peers in your free time and help them receive better marks. You can help with homework assignments, train students for the SAT or assist those who are learning English as a second language. The most popular tutoring platforms where teens can spread their knowledge are Cambly , Enroll  and Tutor.com.

Game Reviews

Everybody will appreciate a well-written review. Moreover, good and honest reviews made by avid gamers can do much more than pleasure. They help people gain a better understanding and excitement of the game. If you enjoy playing Diablo, The Witcher or Fallout and have already built a solid knowledge on mobile, online and PC games, you could definitely use your skills to make money. There are many games-focused sites that constantly look for expert-level gamers to write honest reviews, why not be one of them? You can do a single high-paid task per month, or perform smaller tasks for lesser money. Usually, the basic requirements are to write about games of which you have a very good understanding. Excellent English skills are also preferable.

Book and/or Movie Reviews

Similar to game reviews, if you are an avid reader or movie savvy, you can write reviews on books or movies as well. In this sense, you might want to explore the Review Stream website that gives anyone the chance to write reviews on topics they are familiar with.


If you can do magic with code, why not write programs. This can be a good opportunity to perfect your skills and give your career a flying start.

Ideas to make extra cash for the Holidays in a creative way

Jobs for creative souls

If you have a passion for creative things, check out some awesome online jobs curated only for you to make extra cash for the Holidays:

Write Poetry

There are companies that look for creative souls at any age. Blue Mountain Arts, for example, pays $300 for an outstanding poem in exchange of full ownership. The company operates in the greeting card industry and is willing to pay an impressively high price for your original work. So if creating poems is your cup of tea, then you shouldn’t miss to benefit from your talent.

Sell Photography

If you enjoy taking photos, whether with a professional camera or regular smartphone, this can be your chance to advance in cash. You can sell stock photos in plenty of websites. Furthermore, if you are good at Photoshop, you can create gigs to offer photo retouch services. Plenty of well-established platforms such as Fotolia, Shutterstock, Photosearch, iStock, and PhotoDune are always on the lookout for new talents.

Write Articles and Blog Posts

The online articles niche is flourishing these days. Everyone running a website or blog needs quality content to stand out and get noticed by Google. Therefore, people of different age, including high school and college students with excellent writing abilities are more than welcome to join the pool of online writers. For those with no experience, content mills aren’t a bad place to start. However, if you are looking for something to awake your curiosity, you can write a Top 10 list-type article and submit in on Listverse. If you manage to impress with knowledge and originality, they can reward you with $100. Worth a try!

Best web-based platforms for home-based writers are:

You might as well want to explore this list of 101 Freelance Writing Jobs from Home.

Graphic Designer Jobs

If you are a digital whiz and enjoy creating art digitally by using photo and vector altering software, you should definitely take advantage of your skills, at least to get extra cash for the Holidays. Designers can choose among many market niches. If you master Photoshop and Illustrator, invest some time and effort to perform some graphic designer tasks. From designing fonts, logos, and ebook covers to mockup templates and website themes, you can expand your talent and earn a great price for your work. You can publish examples of your work and find available jobs on Creative Hot List website. In addition, the best digital platform available for photographers, illustrators, designers and developers is Envato market. You might want to check it out.

Participate in Creative Contests

Now is a good time to challenge your creative skills and win a contest. It is the best plan to gain a fulfilling amount of money for the Holidays or a cool gift for free.

Here are three great places where you can find ongoing contests.

Finally, these are the most popular legitimate online market places providing multiple types of jobs worldwide, including transcription, data entry, translating, writing, and designing.

Do you have other ideas or know about scam-free freelance sites where teenagers can make some extra money online? Please share your knowledge with us.

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