HSN Work from Home Customer Service and Sales Jobs

HSN work from home customer service

HSN (Home Shopping Network) is a virtual call center-type business that has been around for a long time. Today, the company’s mainly focused on customer service and direct-to-consumer sales via phone, live chat or email.

Job description

Generally, HSN work from home customer service and sales positions involve providing customer assistance in a professional manner and performing sales transactions. HSN agents are expected to receive inbound calls and answer questions. You will have to communicate with customers and clients over live chat, phone, or email on a daily basis. Full-time positions require you to be available 40 hours per week. Before you attempt to apply, please note, whether full or part-time, working on weekends, holidays, and taking night shifts applies for all employees. Of course, you will enjoy two days off weekly.

Qualification requirements

If you desire to see what it is like to work as a remote customer service agent for HSN, here are the basic qualification skills you must have:

  • Former experience in the customer care or support service industry
  • Age 18 and above
  • High school level education (university degree would be a plus)
  • Near perfect communication skills
  • Strong command of written and spoken English
  • A phone number at your home residence
  • Must be comfortable to spend long hours at the computer talking to various customers
  • Excellent computer (Windows, Outlook), Internet and technology literacy
  • Residence in a specific location in the US

Additionally, here are a few soft skills that would contribute to your success:

  • Attention to detail
  • Excellent analytical and problem-solving thinking
  • Ability to bring excitement to the call
  • Positive attitude, ability to communicate with people in a polite and friendly way
  • Vivacious personality

System requirements

To be eligible to work from home as a customer service agent for HSN, you must meet some specific technical and system requirements. If they decide to hire you, they’ll provide you with a detailed list of specifications. Here are the basic requirements:

  • High speed Internet connection
  • The standard phone line provided by a local company
  • Fast computer running Windows OS
  • High quality headset

How to apply at HSN?

First, you need to enter the HSN system by creating an account. Once you’ve registered, you can upload your resume or simply fill out an online application form. After you do this, they will ask you to complete a 45-question assessment questionnaire; this process should take no longer than 30 minutes. The purpose of this questionnaire is to evaluate your personal traits such as organizational skills, honesty, loyalty, work ethic, persuasive and communicative abilities, and confidence. Also, you will find questions about your work flexibility. Your writing skills will be tested as well. If you pass the test, you’ll be considered eligible for an interview.

To apply, go to the Careers page. Choose Customer Care Jobs section and explore the open vacancies. When you find the position you want, click Apply. They will ask you to accept the Electronic Signature Consent and then you may proceed with completing the online form.

How much does HSN pay their remote employees?

The company has established hourly pay rates, and depending on the job and client’s demand, they vary. The start rate for the customer service and sales positions is around $ 11-11.65 per hour.

Does HSN hire remote customer service and sales agents from worldwide?

No, this is not a worldwide opportunity. Although HSN recruits people to work remotely, the home-based jobs are location-sensitive. The company accepts only applicants based in the US, specifically near Nashville, Tennessee, Roanoke, Toledo, Ohio, and St. Petersburg, Florida. Keep in mind, specific restrictions based on area code may occur for some job positions due to the company requires home workers to maintain availability to work on-site at least once per month.

Independent contractor or an employee opportunity

You will be hired to work as a customer service and sales agent as an employee. Full-time workers will enjoy company benefits such as purchase discounts, life and medical insurance, etc. You will earn an overtime pay as well.

Is HSN worth your time?

The Advantages

HSN gives you the opportunity to work for a largely profitable company in a multi-cultural fast-paced environment, where you’ll be able to connect with interesting people and exchange knowledge. What’s more:

  • You will work in the comfort of your home
  • Follow a flexible work schedule
  • Enjoy awesome benefit package
  • Enhance your knowledge and experience in the customer care industry.
  • Get a great training paid by the company
  • Many options for professional growth
  • You can take up to 2 weeks off per year and up to 5 sick days for which the company will pay you.
The Disadvantages
  • You may experience technical problems due to outdated systems or hardware
  • Customers can be utterly annoying or rude to you, which will add more stress to the work
  • The starting pay is below standard for the particular industry
  • Hard work may ruin the work/life balance at some point

When you weigh the pros and cons, and still want the job, go ahead and apply. As I see it, the advantages outnumber the disadvantages. Moreover, given the huge number of reviews available on job-related platforms like Indeed and Glassdoor, the overall feedback is mostly positive, so the opportunity is worth taking.

Application link

Eager to start working as a customer service and sales agent, visit their Careers page and choose from the Support Service or Customer Care Jobs available at the moment.

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