Huge Income Opportunity: Work from Home as an SEO Expert

work from home as an SEO expert

Throughout the past ten years, SEO has grown to a respectful and high demanded work from home profession. With so many websites and blogs being launched every day, the need of quality SEO services keeps on growing.

What is SEO ?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the practice of improving a website or blog’s visibility online. It focuses on obtaining more organic traffic from search engines. SEO plays a significant role in today’s fast-growing digital marketing industry.

The big picture

The Internet marketing development made a dramatic change in the SEO scenery. Lots of reasons speak for it. Long story short, SEO evolves. Moreover, it co-exists with digital marketing. Numerable working and learning opportunities opened for enthusiasts eager to grow in this business field. Generally, a major part of SEO practices are being performed under the digital marketing umbrella, like social media marketing, content marketing, and public relations.

Although the SEO profession has grown greatly demanded over the last decade, according to what big companies say, there are still not enough qualified and reliable professionals who are completely capable of getting the job done.

The SEO career outlook

SEO jobs, a study by Conductor reports, have increased by 18% in twenty major US cities in the span of three years, from 2012 to 2015. The study also claims there is a huge demand for SEO professionals and, logically, pay rates continue to rise rapidly in correspondence with the demand.

Home-based SEO work opportunities

The good news is, the list of SEO jobs is constantly expanding. Since every business, small or large, aims to establish a good online presence, companies are always on the lookout for trustworthy candidates with SEO experience. And the best part is, many of those jobs are available worldwide and can be performed at home environment. This makes a perfect opportunity for everyone who aims to make a fine living while working from home.

How to Work from Home as an SEO expert?

As a stay-at-home freelance SEO, you can work for one company or provide your service to many clients. You will be able to work in the comfort of your home and be your own boss.

Getting started

As a newcomer in the field you are going to build a portfolio and find clients on your own. You can do no-cost volunteer work. Alternatively, you can join the common marketplaces for job seekers. There are plenty of them. It is a good way to find clients and start making money as you gain experience and build a portfolio in the meantime.

1/ Where to get useful resources to learn and expand your knowledge

A good understanding of how digital marketing works is vital for your success. This means, you will have to be familiar with social media marketing, search engine marketing and content marketing.

  • Books

If you are serious about working from home as an SEO expert, you have to work on improving your skills but first, do some reading. There are plenty of books that can provide you with good introduction and in-depth information to SEO. Also, you can find many step-by-step guides offering practicable advice and solutions.  I highly recommend reading “Search Engine Optimization All-in-One for Dummies” by Bruce Clay.

  • Courses

With all that increasing interest, I guess it is a matter of time for universities to offer an academic degree in Internet Marketing as well as more training programs that include SEO classes. Until then, I think a great way to learn the basics is by enrolling in an online course. You can check the Udemy platform. I am sure you will find an SEO course that suits you. Some are self-paced, others will offer to assign you a mentor who will provide you with guidance.

Make time to explore the site MOOC-list for it provides information of various courses available in different platforms and authorized by prestigious universities and colleges.

Coursera now offers two intriguing specializations: Digital Marketing and Become an SEO Expert. Whichever you choose, it will be worth it.

Also, you might want to check Google’s SEO Starter Guide. It is only 32 pages.

  • SEO and digital marketing-related web forums

There are many online communities where people can join and share interests, ideas and experience. You can find all kinds of information or simply start a new thread and ask for an advice. I recommend three forums offering plenty of information on SEO:

Digital Point

Warrior Forum


Of course there are many more online sites, like, offering reliable resources to use in your favor.

2/ Find clients through a freelance-focused platform

If you don’t have a lot of options, I recommend finding a job through a well-established freelance platform, instead of doing pro bono work. You may not earn much money at the beginning, but in a short amount of time, you will surely expand your skills and gain acclaim for your work. When you are confident about your skills and your reputation grows higher, you can raise the the pay rates.

  • Why working with many clients serves well

One of the perks of working with a wide variety of clients on a freelance basis is, you will enjoy getting different types of projects in a variety of industries. Undeniably, this saves you from the monotony to work on the same site every day. Your work and skills are also noticed by a wide section of clients. Typically, different projects will require you to deal with variety of SEO issues, but this will impact your overall experience for good. As your experience grows, so will your visionary improve. As a result, you will be able to come up with better solutions, and that is a skill all companies value. In such case, your profile is likely to stand out.Like I said earlier, there are countless vacant positions for SEOs opening every day. It is the scarcity of good SEO specialists that clients are concerned about.

  • Build a portfolio

One way to build a good portfolio is by optimizing your clients’ websites. If you are at the very beginning of your SEO stay-at-home career, you can launch websites or blogs on your own to optimize and later include them as samples to your portfolio. As you work on optimizing those sites and developing your SEO experience, perhaps, you can make money as well. In this case, getting familiar with affiliate marketing won’t hurt at all.

3/ Key SEO skills companies look for when hiring

The role of a successful SEO requires a number of responsibilities. Basically, you will have to evaluate a site, identify its weak spots and suggest a strategy for improvement.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of key skills you need to get the attention of HR managers.

> Creative thinking and problem solving skills are highly valued by hiring managers. They also go hand in hand with the analytical mindset. Don’t miss to mention them in your cover letter.

> Decision making is another great skill you can benefit a lot from as an SEO.

> Self-motivation to learn more about SEO. If you really enjoy SEO work, this can be a deal-maker. Hiring managers are highly likely to give the job to someone, even an entry-level candidate, who is honest when saying how he got into SEO and what he likes about it the most.

> Pure passion. Many now-famous experts have entered the world of SEO not with the purpose to make money. They made their very first website optimization attempt purely looking for fun. Eventually the interest became a passion, which ended in practicing a high-paid profession.

If you are goal-oriented, the odds are good you will make a good impression. It promotes trustworthiness.

> Marketing mindset. Given than SEO and digital marketing go hand in hand these days, it will be crucial for your success if you can think as a marketer. A good SEO cares about the customers’ needs and works hard to meet their expectations.

> Sales and presentation skills. This means to be persuasive when it comes to making stakeholders see the benefits and opportunities an effective SEO strategy can open.

> Interpersonal skills. Easy to collaborate with clients and stakeholders even when the communication process is set online.

Know the web from a psychological viewpoint in referral to how users thinks, what they want, what engages them

> High internet and computer literacy. Needless to say, a good understanding of how websites and blogs work, how search engines work as well as browsers, social networking sites, etc.

> Competitive personality. Even when you are a beginner in SEO, if the HR manager sees that competitive spark in you, he will definitely give you a chance to unlock your potential.

> User-oriented. A SEO who does everything with high user experience in mind is a successful one. You need to care what converts users and what repulses them.

> Flexibility. The SEO field is versatile and new branches occur very often. Therefore, the good SEO must remain flexible whatever it takes.

Note, you don’t need the have all these skills. Sometimes having only a few can help you shine.

4/ Tips for SEO job success

> Know yourself

Before you send your candidacy, take into account all the skills you have and how they would apply in your future SEO career. When it comes to job success in any field, all boils down to how well you know your strengths and potential. Your talents, skills, interests as well as any knowledge and professional background, all of it matter a lot.

> Before you apply

Whether required or not, as you submit your resume for the role of an SEO, make sure to include a cover letter. Use it to make a clear introduction of yourself and explain how your knowledge, skills and experience make you the right fit. If you are just starting out and your experience barely covers the basics of SEO, don’t worry. Apply with confidence if the job interests you. You can still get hired as long as you demonstrate the right skills. To differentiate from the rest of the candidates, highlight your key skills that are closely related to SEO. Note, the skills you’ve gained from previous jobs can turn out suitable for the role. You never know.  For example, if you have improved your multitasking skills on a larger scale thanks to some previous job, this is something worth mentioning. Likewise, if you have been working as a customer service agent, this calls for good communication skills.

5/ How to survive at the interview with success?

Prospective employers or clients will give you an assignment to test your skills.  In all likelihood, they will ask you to perform a site audit. This means to review a site, address its problems and make detailed recommendations what needs to be changed and why. Take this task seriously. You need to not just deliver some recommendations but to describe in a clear voice how the problems impact the site and why the changes are necessary from a SEO’s perspective.

6/ Where to look for a job?

This is a list of scam-free common marketplaces designed to help freelancers find better SEO work opportunities. As you regularly check a few of those sites, aim for positions opened by reputable companies/clients.






People per Hour
















Wrap up

Pursuing a work-from-home SEO career is both exciting and challenging. To become eligible to work from home as an seo expert, you need a certain set of skills, knowledge and personality traits. SEO has technical and psychological nature. Therefore, you need to incorporate good technical skills as well as ability to apply artistic approach whenever the case requires such. Tech savvies with out-of-the-box thinking would make a great match as SEO experts.

If you find this post informative, insightful or inspiring, I’d be glad if you share it on the Web so that it finds many people looking for good work-from-home job opportunities. 

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  • Hi,
    Great article.
    You outline the SEO role very well. Most tend to sugar coat it and say it is easy.
    SEO is a long, slow process. There are no get there quick measures.

    I have worked in SEO for a number of years and always feel that it is a great way of earning money. You also get to see the potential for making your own sites and making money.