7 Awesome Ways to Get Back Your Productivity After the Holidays

get back your productivity after holidays

All things come to an end sooner or later. Having to get back to productivity, work or school activities, after a long, fulfilling vacation may cause certain emotional discomfort and even stress. Post vacation blues are not that easy to overcome, nowadays. This type of disorientated mood can come with a feeling of nostalgia, apathy and tiredness. It usually affects your productivity. If you don’t take precaution on time, especially when you work from home, it may bring about unpleasant results for a long time.

But, don’t worry. You can still get your productivity back (without tears) as soon as you follow these 7 simple tips. Here’s what you can do to get back your productivity.

Come back home early

You know what they say, “I need a vacation from my vacation”. For a smooth transition from vacation to work mode, you should use at least a day to prepare yourself mentally and physically that holiday time is over and a new work day is about to begin. If you have spent the holidays in an out-of-the-city place, it’d be better to shorten your stay there with a day. Why do so? Because a day is all you need to travel back home, unpack, perhaps do the laundry, some cleaning, go to the grocery store to buy some food. Don’t wait until the last minute. Don’t come back home late in the evening. Give yourself a little time to adjust to your old life and get back to productivity.

Organize things by creating a list

First days at work, even when the workplace is your own home, are barely fun. To get your productivity back on track, try to organize things. Make a list of to-do tasks and set priorities. If you work at an office, make sure to use some time to catch up with your co-workers. If you work from home, don’t forget to send your clients and partners a greeting message to inform them that you are there.

Stay connected with people

Going back to work is not the end of the world. There will be time for fun again. A good way to overcome depression is to schedule a meeting with friends. Connecting with other people is good for your social health. You can also meet with a co-worker who is a close friend of yours to reconnect and discuss things you’re both interested.

Combat the email blues

While some people find it hard to unplug completely while on a vacation, others do just fine. However, if you refer to the second type, you’ll probably find your inbox overflowing with emails. Don’t panic. Quickly scan the emails. Don’t read them in a chronological order. Flag those that seem important and intriguing, and delete the rest.

Get rid of distractions

On the first day at work after the big holiday break, your concentration, in all likelihood, will be much or lesser unsteady, but that’s alright. In order to catch up on the ongoing tasks as fast as you can, eliminate all the distractions in the room. This rule strongly applies for remote workers. When you work in the coziness of your house, there are plenty of distractions that can kill your concentration and make you less effective. So, until you finish with the important tasks, it’s recommendable to:

  • Have your mobile phone set to a quiet mode or turned off
  • Close all social networking websites
  • Close all mobile applications
  • Switch off the Internet for a while (only if you don’t need it for work).

Home-based workers should also:

  • Turn off the television
  • Close all doors in the room
  • Ask family members not to disturb for a while

Don’t let the creative vibes slip away

Remember to stay positive regardless the holiday season has passed. If every day was Christmas, it wouldn’t have been so special. Usually, in the end of a fulfilling long break, our creativity starts to wane. If you want to keep it, do something different to break the monotony. For example, add new decoration to your work desk (if you’re allowed to do so). The best things about being a work-from-home enthusiast is that you have full freedom when it comes to lending color to your office space. You can change your chair, keyboard or headphones. You can put a painting on the wall. You can change your desk position, if you’d like.

Time for changes

If you feel really miserable getting back to your old life, maybe this is a good reason to reconsider things. Sometimes a vacation can be a wake-up call that your life is not on the right path. If this is the case, now is the best time to draw up the balance sheet. If something is missing in your life for a long time, you can change that. Give yourself some time to think before making a final decision. In the meantime it’d be healthy to set simple goals and look forward to achieving them. One at a time. You don’t need to make a big change to get back your productivity.

Post back-to-work blues don’t last long

In a week, you will have your productivity back and feeling ready to perform all kinds of tasks with a high level of efficiency. For some people, it takes a single day to overcome the nostalgia. Remember, such state of mind is temporary. It depends on you how long you’ll allow this feeling to stay. The best you can do is grab all your strength and throw it in a new project.  It will keep your mind occupied for sure and help you get back your productivity.

Final advice

Do whatever makes you happy and relaxed. That’s the best way to beat back-to-work blues.

What do you think of these tips? How do you manage to beat post vacation blues?

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