6 Tips to Setup a Productive Home Office on a Budget

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In the 90’s, only the wealthy could afford the luxury to have a computer in their homes. Fortunately, today, as technology keeps advancing and the whole world grows closely connected due to social media platforms, more and more people choose freelancing over full-time jobs. Whether for independence, the opportunity to gain more money, or working in a low stress environment, work-from-home jobs seem to be the ultimate career choice for many people worldwide.

However, to be able to perform well on your work tasks at home, you need first to create appropriate home office and choose the right WAH job too. Every freelancer – whether a writer, data entry agent, or transcriptionist – needs a proper home office to put a laptop, to think, plan the work schedule, and, get the work done. Therefore, when you are about to have a home office setup, there are several essential tips and aspects that should have your attention. To become successful while working from home requires creating office space that promotes productivity, comfort, functionality and inspiration. It may sound expensive, but, be sure, it doesn’t have to be. You can build the perfect home office even on a limited budget.

To arrange a home office setup that meets all your business needs, use these simple tips:

Choose the right furniture

Provide yourself a good seat support, because comfort does matter, especially when you are snowed under with work. Provided that you spend almost the entire day sitting in front of a computer, having a comfortable chair is very important not only for your work performance, but also for your health. Vast majority of adults are facing health issues, including back and chest pain caused, in most cases, by sitting on uncomfortable desk chair for long hours. Therefore, it is vital to take note of your health before it is too late. Choose your chair carefully. A good seat support doesn’t have to cost a fortune. It doesn’t have to be fashionable, either. It only has to fit your personal comfort needs. Likewise, as a home-based worker you need a desk offering enough space to put a laptop and files as well.

Let there be light

Choosing the right location is important part of setting up a home office. When considering your working spot make sure your desk is positioned near a window, as this is the best natural source of light. Avoid placing your desk against a wall because it leaves with a stuck-in-a-box feeling which is everything but productive. Certainly, adding overhead lighting and lamps should be on your agenda. By rule, all rooms come equipped with overhead lighting, but don’t rely too much on it.

If you want to make the best of your home office, you much make use of natural lighting as much as you can. Natural lighting is one of the best sources of energy and it will keep your mind positive and productive no matter what. Needless to say, it will save your power bill too. While working at night, you should definitely consider adding floor lights, track lighting with dimmers, and lamps.

Mind your office background

Most work-at-home jobs require having video calls over Google Hangouts and Skype, therefore, you should take a good look on the background before you start setting up your home office. You don’t want your partners, clients or virtual colleagues to see a background that is far from professional while discussing ideas and work projects with you. A library filled with books looks professional enough. On the other hand, a wall decorated with paintings or even a white wall can also create a positive impact. A view of stunning indoor flowers in artistically painted pots is another idea for background worth considering.

Design your home office the creative way

Put some artwork on your desk, right beside the laptop. When decorating the workplace, you could also use a vase of flowers, or family photos, or whatever inspires and motivates you to do your work tasks well. Some draw inspiration from inventors or other famous people who proved highly successful. Did you know that, according to Feng Shui cactus plants consume and radiate energy just like animals and people do. In Chinese culture cactus plants are regarded as ancient symbols of wise spending and preserving, a cure for attracting wealth, shifting energy, and bringing positive changes into your home. It is believed that these plants redirect the negative energy emitted by computers, that is why, it is recommendable to care for at least one small-size slowly growing cactus placed on your work desk. In order to balance the house energy flow and create better work environment that attracts wealth, it won’t hurt making a little room for a plant with such great powers.

The noise factor

When it comes to enhancing productivity, noise can be a real challenge. It is essential to set up your home office in the least noisy area in the house. Choose a spot as far from sound-based distraction and interruptions as possible. If there is no place quiet enough to let you think and concentrate on a work task, then you should consider taking different measures to solve the problem. Thankfully, we live in modern times where soundproofing technology keeps advancing. For example, you can seal the gap between the door and the floor.

Note that curtains and shades can also reduce noise. There is a wide variety of noise-proof solutions available that helps to renovate your home space using advanced light or heavy materials. Use the solutions available accordingly and make your home-office noise-free.

Adjust to the right climate

A productive home office doesn’t always take only a desk and chair located in a place with good lightening and less noise. Most people tend to forget how important is the interior climate and how it affects our productivity. As you start building your office at home, make sure to check the heat, air conditioning and ventilation options. If they are not working properly, the risk of extreme temperatures remains high or low depending on the season. As a result of temperature going too cold or too hot, your productivity will fall and your health could be damaged.

Great productivity can be achieved when working in a peaceful, undisturbed ambience with a positive vibes flowing around.

Did you find our guides useful? Can you add more ideas to help people arrange a productive office at home?

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