Top 8 Home-Based Holiday Jobs

home based holiday jobs

How do you find the idea of working from home doing something creative and interesting during the holidays? There are many seasonal job opportunities you could benefit. Most of the jobs are home-based and don’t require hard work but do offer a good pay in the end. If you want to enhance your budget over the holidays, here are some options that are worth considering.

#1 Sell Holiday Art and Crafts

If you are a talented artist, you can take a great advantage of your skills and make more money than you are making on your regular job. There are hundreds of online social communities you can join. Sell your arts and crafts to those who will appreciate it and reward you with a deserved amount of money.  In fact, the holiday season is the best time to unlock your creativity and produce something original to draw the attention of prospective buyers. For example, you can use the Esty platform to open your online shop and use your talent to help people find remarkable gifts for their friends and family. In the meantime, who knows, you can catch the eye of retailers looking for unique handmade goods to offer in their stores for the Christmas season. Also, you can use eBay to buy cheap stuff and resell it on a higher price.

Here are some of the best places to sell and buy handmade arts and crafts.

#2 Write and Design Greeting Cards

If you are creative with words or enjoy great designing skills, don’t miss to use them to enhance you budget for the holidays. Many businesses value creativity and are ready to pay a good price for an outstanding piece of writing or digital artwork. Poems and short creatively made verse is in a great demand during the holiday season so you might want to consider this a good reason to earn extra holiday money. All you need to do is find your Christmas inspiration and create something, a poem or a greeting card design, that will impact people in a positive way. After you complete your work, submit it on a well-established legit platform and wait for approval. If the company is interested in your work, you will definitely receive a reply soon.

Here are a few greeting card platforms accepting creative submissions from talented writers and designers.

#3 Get Paid to Do Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping, also called secret shopping, is an excellent way to earn extra holiday cash. In this job, you will enjoy a complete work freedom. However, being a mystery shopper isn’t as easy as it seems. Sometimes you will have to remember names as well as other specific details about people. Basically, your role is to make calls to various businesses with interest in their services. You will have to evaluate the services and the employee’s expertise and attitude towards you as a customer. You will have to provide a detailed report after each call. One of the most important things is that you mustn’t reveal who you are. You have to remain anonymous till the very end of your task, otherwise, you risk failing the whole thing and the company won’t hire you again.

Interested in mystery shopping, explore the pay-per-assignment opportunities offered by well-established companies, such as:

#4 Work on Freelancing Projects

Many companies and individuals need freelancers to do holiday-related kind of work from home. Businesses want to get ready for the holidays and they look for professionals to get their brand holiday-themed. Freelance websites give you an open access to a wide variety of work-from-home holiday jobs like, for example, dressing up a company’s logo or designing a holiday theme for a website, Internet forum or social media page. Also, clients would ask you to perform other short tasks for them such as greeting text creation, sending holiday messages to business partners, managers and co-workers via email, uploading holiday posts on social media or Internet forum feeds, planning holidays, booking tickets for holiday vacations, etc. Good grammar and excellent research skills will be a huge plus. To start applying, first you need to choose one or two of these platforms. Register and fill out all the necessary details.

Popular scam-free freelance marketplaces:

#5 Get Paid to Receive Calls

Perform various phone and online jobs from home provided by multinational call center companies. You can choose among a variety of remote positions such as customer service, technical support, sales agent, etc. For this job, you will have to handle inquiries, give information about a product or service, help people solve a problem over the phone, or make other arrangements. Note that most of the call center jobs require quiet and distraction-free work environment. Also, you’ll need a fast desktop computer, a high quality headset, broadband Internet connection and standard phone line.

Check at these legit companies offering seasonal work-at-home jobs:

#6 Pet Sitting

This kind of work-from-home job suits to people who are animal lovers. Given that many pet owners plan to spend the holidays with their family or gather with friends, they need someone to take care of their pet so that they won’t get the guilty conscience leaving him or her alone. So, if you are a responsible person who has a passion for animals, why not make extra holiday money babysitting someone’s dog or cat, or whatever pet they have. All you need is a legit platform that most pet parents use when looking for caregivers. Ready to start, check these websites:

#7 Sell Your Photography

In all likelihood, selling photos online won’t make you rich, at least not from the very start. However, this is a good opportunity to make a small amount of money fast. Many businesses look for people with the right skills to capture outstanding images that most online users would enjoy. During the holiday season there is a high demand of images with cats, dogs and other animals in them, dressed like Santa wearing jingle bells and looking very cute. If you are a pet owner, you can use your cat or dog to do some modeling. Along with animals, companies and individuals are looking to buy Christmas Eve-themed photos as well as a postcard-like images of beautiful winter landscapes. Don’t worry if your camera is broken. You can make photos with your smartphone and still make cash. These are the platforms and photo-editing applications you need to download.

#8 Open an Online Santa Service and Speak to Kids as Santa

One very interesting and modern job is to perform a Santa online service, which can be real fun. For the role, you’ll have to interact with children and pretend to be Santa Claus. This is a good chance for you to enhance the Christmas spirit and deliver the young true believers a never-forget experience. The service can be done via Skype or other live chat session channels. Or, you can record a personalized video message from Santa and submit it to a Santa website and wait to see if anybody would be interested. HelloSanta is one of the online platforms where you can try your luck.

Do you have any other interesting or original way to earn money during the holidays? We would be happy to hear it.

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