Get Paid to Write Lists for Listverse

Write Lists for Listverse

Listverse is a multi-niche online platform that has been around for some time offering truly engaging and valuable articles to their readers. From history, science, space, films and television, the website covers practically everything under the sun and the information comes as a list-style well-written story. The website enjoys high popularity due to two major factors: it has high quality content and it pays $100 to writers from around world for having put much effort in creating those unique articles.

What type of articles does get published on Listverse?

Honestly, writing for Listverse feels more like a hobby than work. Writers are free to choose topics on their own. To get paid to write lists for Listverse, you have to submit articles that are at least 1500 words long, well-structured, error-free, flow like a list, and consist of 10 items at minimum. No one is pushing you with deadlines. You can submit the article when ready. Before you do so, read the guidelines carefully which are pretty simple and clear-written.

You can write about anything. However, some topics attract more interest, so if you want to see your article on the front page, focus on themes that are related to: weird or unexpected things, ways that affect us in a strange way, less known facts or misconceptions. The Listverse audience also enjoys reading about weird stuff, strange natural trends, hidden messages, unusual events and coincidences, controversial facts relating to the past, the present or the future, and anything engaging you can think of related to history, science, crime, politics, culture, religion, society, space, and general knowledge.

Listverse accepts articles written in excellent English, so try to avoid grammar and punctuation mistakes. Conduct a detailed research on the subject of your theme. Choose your topic wisely. Before picking a theme, explore the website first and check for similar articles. You don’t want to be rejected because someone has already written your article. If you can provide some in-depth knowledge, that is even better. If you think that it would be easy to create a 1500 word unique list and get paid $100, you will gain nothing with that mindset. Most importantly, your work must be truly original and presented in your own style. Listverse doesn’t tolerate re-blogged or copied content. To standout, your ideas must me originally written in a bizarre but friendly way.

Are there any special requirements to write for Listverse?

Basically, everyone is welcome to write for Listverse. If you have good writing skills combined with passion for science, space, or unusual facts, give it a try. You will find clear guidelines and tips on how to pick a topic and arrange your ideas on the section Submit a list.

How does the submission work?

When you are ready with your list, double check the text for grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors, then go to the Submit a list form and fill up everything required. You can write your real name, or you can choose to use a pseudonym. Next, type your email and PayPal or bitcoin address. Prepare a brief description about yourself. Then you will have to enter the title of your list and give a clear and concise introduction what the article is all about. Enter your whole work in the last blank field. Click that you agree to Listverse terms and conditions and press submit list. They will review the list and contact you within two weeks to give you an answer.

Subject of rights

If your article is approved, you will be $100 richer than yesterday. Once Listverse has paid for your list they own all the rights forever. That does not apply if your list is rejected. In this case, you will be notified via email. That can be really unpleasant – all the effort and for nothing – but this risk remains. On the other hand, if your list is rejected you own all rights and can publish it wherever you want. For more information, read Copyright and Ownership.

How much does Listverse pay per article?

The pay is 100$ for a published article, and that is it.

Payment Methods

Basically, Listverse pays their writers in bitcoin or via Paypal. As you submit your list you will have to give your PayPal or bitcoin address.

Does Listverse accept writing from people outside the US?

Yes, writers from worldwide can get paid to write lists for Listverse. Whether you write for entertainment or professional purposes, everyone can try their luck.

All things considered

Listverse gives you a good chance to earn $100, but it won’t be the easy way. If you want to create a standout list you have to work hard and invest time. Those who have something valuable and interesting to share with the world, this is the right place.

Note that the website constantly grows and overflows with great content which makes it harder for newcomers to bring something unique and amusing. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should quit. Listverse team is always on the lookout for new submissions so put pen to paper and get started!

To get started, you can submit their list using the online form.

Have you ever submitted a list for Listverse? Would you share your experience with us? If you are familiar with other sites that are willing to pay a certain amount of money for a truly original article, do let us know.