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Founded by the tech visionaries Antony Brydon, Jeff Patterson and Jean Tessier in 2011, Directly is a modern Internet company build upon a huge community of experts who are valued for their knowledge on various services, products as well as companies. Anyone can visit the web platform and ask a question referring to a specific company, service or product and receive a full answer.

Although Directly provides customers with information about various companies, it remains independent community with no sponsorship from any large corporation. The Q&A service is for free; nonetheless, the company invites customers to reward experts by paying a certain amount of money if they are satisfied with the answer provided. Today Directly is mostly focused on developing on-demand applications for various businesses. However, they still hire experts to help users in a smart way.

How does it work?

As an work from home expert of Directly, you will have to handle ongoing customers’ requests for advice, information or simple consultation. You must give valuable answers based on your knowledge and personal experience. Customers ask all kinds of questions using the Directly apps. The system reviews them and search for the expert with the right qualification to give a good answer. If you are the perfect match, you’ll receive a notification on your mobile device that there is a question for you. This is a flexible work-from-home opportunity. And, Directly doesn’t apply any rules on how many hours you have worked per week. You type the answer and send it to the customer via your smartphone or tablet. Once you submit an answer via the platform, it is no longer your property, Directly holds full ownership.

Qualification Required

Directly hires skilled professionals with exceptional language abilities, experience on a particular product/service/company, and strong knowledge related to specific industry. To make a good expert, you need to be dedicated to customers’ needs as much as you can. Also, you must be at least 18 years old.

Technical Requirements

You’ll need a computer and a mobile device, smartphone or tablet, with constant and high quality Internet access. Also, since you’ll be typing and sending answers using the Directly app, you must download it on your devices.

Application Process

You have to create an account and fill out a simple application form where you need to mention your full name and email address. Then you’ll be asked to connect using your Facebook or LinkedIn accounts. Thus, the company could check your work background and get an overall idea of your professional experience. The next step is to take a short 9-question skill test. The purpose of this test is to evaluate the types of questions you are knowledgeable about and able to provide quality help answer to customers.

Take my advice and before you sign for an expert for Directly, make enough time to read carefully the Terms of Service. Registration is free, however, Directly requires fees for certain services. Once you sign the agreement, you become responsible to pay all fees the company will require.

How much money can I make as a Directly expert?

Payment is per answer and it varies depending on the amount of money the customer agrees to pay. It’s important to know that customers don’t have to pay if they find the service unsatisfactory. It’s hard to guess pay rates because there is no information on Directly platform.

Payment Methods

Directly uses Amazon Payments, PayPal and to process the payments.

Does the company hire from worldwide?

Occasionally, Directly has remote positions that are open worldwide, but most of the time they prefer experts from the US.

Is this an Independent Contractor or an Employee opportunity?

According to Directly’s official Terms of Service, number 6. Payments:

“Experts are not employees of Directly or Directly’s enterprise customers. The Experts’ relationships with Directly and with Directly’s enterprise customers are those of an independent contractor…”

This means you will be solely responsible for your tax returns and payments.

Bottom Line

Although this is a flexible opportunity allowing you to work remotely whenever you want, the money you get won’t be enough to reach the minimum wage. Being an expert will only help boost your main source of income. I would recommend you look to other companies providing Q&A services.

Application Link

If you are still interested, you can join Directly’s Talent Network. You can also join as a Lyft expert by visiting the become a Lyft expert page and pressing the Apply Now button.

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