Flexible Work at Home Jobs Ideal for Night Owls

flexible work at home jobs for night owls

When it comes to sleeping and waking up, there are two kinds of people in this world: early birds and night owls. Being a night owl isn’t a bad thing at all. In fact, people who function best in the late hours are considered more creative and out-of-the-box thinkers. If the idea to adhere to the conventional 9 to 5 work schedule doesn’t sound right for you, you should consider applying to flexible work at home jobs for night owls that allows taking night shifts or following a flexible work from home job schedule.

Speaking of flexibility, freelancing is the best career option for night owls because it fits anyone’s natural sleep and wake pattern. Generally, as a freelancer, you will have the freedom to work till late at night (or even the whole night) and sleep during the day. Traditional work schedules don’t apply anymore. However, when you choose to do work-from-home projects, keep in mind that some clients might require you to be reachable at particular business hours. Whatever you choose, listen to your body clock.

So, if you consider yourself a night owl, here are some work from home jobs for night owls that are ideal for working flexible hours during the night.

Customer Support/Service Representative/Call Center Agent

If your English is native or close to native and you are fluent in any other language, you can work from home as a call center representative. This could be a great home-based job opportunity. Basically, as a customer support representative your responsibilities will be to:

  • provide excellent support and customer care services to the end users
  • handle customer inquires
  • operate with internal software programs and applications

The best thing is that you will be able to follow a flexible work from home schedule, work at night and sleep during the day. Virtual call center companies that might get your interest include:


Another awesome and respectful profession you can work from home, day or night, is translating. Translation agencies are always on the lookout for talented professionals to provide them with extra help. If English is not the only language you can speak fluently, this can be a good career path to take.  Beside language literacy, former experience, let’s say in sales, economics, accounting, medicine, psychology, engineering or marketing, will make your candidacy stand out. Companies hiring freelancers to translate texts online are:

Here is a more detailed list of legitimate companies that offer work from home translation jobs.


So many companies are out there looking for reliable professionals to perform various transcription tasks from home. The future is bright for transcriptionists as this profession is among the most-demanded profession in the home-based career sector.  Whereas some jobs require knowledge/ experience in a particular area, other are prefect for beginner freelance enthusiasts.

Companies whose terms might meet your needs are:

Freelance writer

If the inspiration to write usually strikes you in the middle of the night, you should definitely try to work as a content writer. Plenty of websites and blogs are in a constant need of unique and high quality content. Therefore, a talented writer with a creative mindset will certainly be a good fit if you are looking for work at home writing jobs. Freelance content writing is among the home-base jobs in high demand in 2016. From high school students to college graduates and professional writers, all are free to join the fast growing community of online writers.

Legitimate companies and web-based job boards where you can find work-from-home writing gigs:

Data Entry Specialist

The best thing about data entry jobs is, they give you the freedom to set your own schedule and work as much or less as you choose. Perfect and flexible work at home jobs for night owls who prefer to sleep in daytime. Another good advantage is, you won’t need former experience to start. Most companies will ask you to take a test to evaluate your skills. After you pass it, you’ll become eligible to start earning money. The most desired skill is the ability to type fast with precision.

Companies hiring remote workers to do short data entry tasks are:

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants do a huge diversity of tasks depending on the client’s needs. You can be asked to do data entry work, translation, writing SEO-friendly blog posts, email management, accounting, customer service, appointment scheduling, web research, PowerPoint presentations, social media management, and so forth. Such jobs promote flexibility perfect for the night owl type of freelancers.

Here is a list of companies hiring stay-at-home virtual assistants.

What else a night owl can do from home?

#1 Online Tutor – iSus is a web-based tutoring platform that hires people to teach English online.  Likewise, Reasoning Mind and Cambly are great places to teach students and get paid.

#2 Telemarketing agentExpert Planet hires work from home agents for telesales. Training for newcomers is provided. Brighten Communications is another well-established company on the market.

#3 Freelance writer – Plenty of companies offer freelance writing jobs. If you are good with words, pick a niche and start hustling your way to the top.

#4 Answer agent – Companies like Weegy and KGB, pay people at any age to craft valuable answers. If you’re interested, take a look at this list.

#5 Conduct telephone research interviewsORC International is a well-established company that pays remote workers to carry out interviews via phone asking people to give feedback on particular products or services.

#6 Travel/cruise/ reservation sales agent – If you have excellent communication and organization skills and former experience in the travel or cruise industry, you can apply to work as a travel agent from home. The position requires to make reservations, book flights, make hotel arrangements and help people find the perfect holiday.

#7 News journalist – The news never sleep. To cover a wide range of topics and deliver fresh content, many news agencies need extra help. That’s why they hire freelancers with a proper background to take night shifts and work on weekends. As a work-from-home news journalist, your part will be to monitor various stories, report and edit breaking news.

#8 Expert agent Ether is a website that targets professionals with experience in a particular industry and pays them to share their knowledge and advice via phone or email.

#9 Comment on forums and blogs – Comment and forum post writing can be a fun job. All you need is excellent English grammar and can-do attitude. Forum owners and bloggers occasionally need people to write valuable comments to attract users and boost traffic. Postloop is a platform that pays people to write comments.

#10 Write short poems Blue Mountain Arts pays $300 per poem and takes full ownership. If they accept to publish your poem only once, you will get $ 50.

#11 Search engine/website/ads evaluatorGet paid to test websites or search engines. Evaluate the quality of online ads. These jobs are all suitable for young tech savvies who’d rather stay up late at night.

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