5 Companies Providing Home-Based Voice Over Jobs

Voice over is basically pre-recorded voice, placed over the top of a film or video. From radios to movies, voice over jobs are an integral part of today’s media. If you have an exceptional voice, you can work from home as a voice over artist and make money.

voice over jobs

Check out a list of companies where you can apply and work from home as a voice over artist.

Snap Recordings – You have to fill out an online form and send some voice samples to be considered as a featured actor or actress .

UK Voices – Record voice overs and get paid a minimum of £50 an hour for voiceover jobs.

Voices.com – Voices.com is the largest community that connects work from home voice over artists with clients looking for new talents.

Voice123 – Sign-up as a free user, set-up your profile and get paid to do voiceovers from home.

Voice Bunny – You can set your own rates. Accepts application only from experienced voice over artists.


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  1. avni says:

    I write n sing songs….would like to do a voice over job

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