Transcription Jobs for Beginners & Experienced Transcribers

transcription jobs for beginners

As a work from home transcriptionist, you have to listen to audio files and type what you hear. Transcription jobs are categorized into four categories, namely:  general transcription, medical transcription, legal transcription and captioning. While General Transcription does nor require any special qualification, to work as a medical transcriber, you must have some certificate and/or experience.

Check out a list of transcription companies providing work from home transcription jobs for beginners as well as for experienced general, medical and legal transcriptionists.

Transcription Work for Beginners

Accutran Global – Always hiring new contract transcribers, realtime stenographers and voicewriters. You have to pass a skill test to get started.

Appenscribe – Take some online tests under the qualification tab and try to score more than 95% to get hired as an independent contractor. Open worldwide and pays via paypal.

BAM! Transcription – Fill out the contact form to get more details about their transcription jobs for beginners.

Birch Creek Communications – Looking for high quality corporate and legal transcriptionists, doing audio files for Social Security, Veterans Affairs, Immigration, as well as legal and corporate clients.

Casting Words – You can work directly on their website or via Amazon Mturk. You have to transcribe short audio files accurately to get paid. Minimum payout is $1 via PayPal.

CrowdSurf – You must have an Amazon Mechanical Turk account to CrowdSurf transcription jobs for beginners.

Daily Transcription – They are always looking for professional and novice transcribers, who are available on a full-time or part-time basis to work as 1099 contract workers.

Get Transcribed – Get transcribed pays their work from home transcribers 23 cents per audio minute. You will receive your payment once you have $100 in your account.

GMR Transcription – Hires home-based transcribers only from USA and Canads for their transcription jobs for beginners.

Neal R. Gross & Co. – Hires legal transcriptionists. You must have a typing speed of over 60 words per minute to get selected.

Pierce Group Atlanta – You have to pass a transcription test to get hired as a general/market research transcriptionist.

Quicktate – As an Independent Contractor, you can select the work hours. Hires transcribers from worldwide.

RNK Transcription – Hires US based workers for entertainment and legal work from home transcription jobs.

Scribie – Hires transcriptionists with/without experience from worldwide and pays $1 per 6 minutes of audio transcribed. You have to pass a test to work as a freelance transcriber.

Tigerfish – Hires transcribers only from United States.

T ‘n T Transcriptions & Translations – Provides transcription work from home for beginners but you have to pass a test.

TranscribeMe – Sign up and take the transcription test. If you cannot succeed in your first attempt, you can retake the test after 24 hours.

Transcribe Team –Pays $.45 to $.65 per audio minute transcribed.

Ubiqus – Hires transcriptionists in all categories. You must have a typing speed of 70 wpm.

1-888-Type-It-Up –You have to pass an online test to get hired. US only.

Verbal Ink – They are always looking for highly skilled US based people to add to their growing transcription and translation teams.

Transcription Work for Experienced Transcribers

A & P Transcription – Always hiring experienced transcriptionists to work from home.

AccuScribe Transcription – If you are interested in work from home transcription jobs for Accuscribe Transcription Service, please forward your resume alongwith your cover letter.

Alice Darling Secretarial Services – Occasionally hires transcriptionists who have a typing speed of 75 wpm.

At Home Typing Service – Hires audio proofreaders, English and Spanish transcribers and typists.

Cambridge Transcription – Hires experienced candidates for legal and corporate work from home transcription jobs.

Caset Associates – Must have a typing speed of 90 wpm. Worldwide opportunity.

Chromolume Transcription – Send your resume via email to get the detaila about their hiring procedure.

Cyber Dictate – Only hires US based legal transcribers.

Dictate Express – You have to pass spelling, comma use, confusing words, and a 4-minute audio transcription test before you start filling out the application.

eTranscription Solutions – Hires experienced transcriptionists with typing speed of 80 wpm.

Expedict – Accept applications only from experienced audio typists.

Fantastic Transcripts – Hires business, finance, high-tech, legal and medical transcriptionists. US only.

Focus Forward – You must be able to transcribe atleast 4 hours of audio every week. Each audio files are of 60 minutes or longer. Compensation is $10 per 15 minutes of audio.

Hollywood Transcription – You must have typing speed of 65 wpm and you must be fluent in English with excellent spelling and grammar skills.

Landmark Associates – Prior experience with general transcription projects and extensive knowledge of English grammatical rules is beneficial.

Multilingual Connections – Hires experienced home-based transcriptionists, translators and intrepreters.

Net Transcripts – Hires for both general and legal transcription.

Orion Transcription – Hires experienced transcriptionists only from US.

OutSec – Always looking for typists who are ready to offer a commitment of at least 4 hours – Monday to Friday. Worldwide opportunity.

Pioneer Transcription Services – You have to fill out an online form and take a short transcription test before you start working as a home-based transcriptionist for Pioneer.

Preferred Transcriptions – You can work as a medical, legal, and general transcriptionist. You must have atleast one year of experience to work for them.

Production Transcripts – You must be an experienced transcriber to fill out their online application to get started. – Looking for experienced transcribers. Must pass transcription test. Open worldwide.

Same Day Transcriptions – Looking for meticulous, reliable people to join our successful team.

Say It Back – Actively seeking experienced home-based transcribers who have a digital foot pedal and required software.

Silent Secretary – Silent Secretary is always looking for qualified full-time, part-time, day and evening transcriptionists who take pride in their professionalism and work ethic.

Speak Write – Hires experienced general as well as legal transcriptionist.

Take 1 – If you can type fast, commit atleast 20 hours per week and English is your mother tongue then you could become a freelance audio typist for Take 1.

Talking Type Captions – If you are interested in applying for a job with Talking Type, please send us an e-mail through their contact page.

TASK Transcription – You must have three years of experience to get hired.

Terescription – Looking for experienced work from home transcriptionist across US.

Transcribe – As a Transcriptionist you’ll be in charge of reviewing the audio and creating transcribed documents for our clients.

Transcription Center – Hires US and UK based experienced transcribers to work from home.

Transcript Divas – Hires transcribers only from US. Excellent pay rate.

TSI Transcription Services – Hires professionals with limited transcription experience and typing speed of 70 wpm.

Transcription Experts – You must have two years of experience to get hired. US only.

Transcription Outsourcing, LLC – Transcription Outsourcing, LLC is looking for committed and professional transcriptionists.

Voxtab – Hires freelance transcribers in many different countries.

Way With Words – We are always looking for typists with an excellent command of English. You need to be able to commit to at least 1 audio hour per day, and preferably even more. Payment starts at USD 33 per audio hour.

We Scribe It – Must have at least six months of current experience to work as a home-based general transcriptionist.

Word Wizards – Hires work from home transcribers only from US.

WorldWide Dictation – Fill out an online form to get considered.

Written Communications – You have to email your resume to get hired.

Medical Transcription Jobs

Absolute Transcription – You need to pass a test to get hired.

Acusis India – You have to pass a skill test to get considered as a medical transcriptionist.

Advanced Transcription, Inc. –Hires transcriptionist with atleast 3 years of experience.

Amphion Medical Solutions – Atleast two years’ hospital inpatient experience transcribing the “Basic Four” or at least two years’ clinic experience transcribing all specialties (>4 specialties) in addition to any formal training.

Athreon – US and Canada. Tou must have atleast two years experience. Flexible schedule.

Eight Crossings – Eight Crossings welcomes inquiries from Medical Transcriptionists with a minimum of two years experience transcribing multi-specialty medical reports. Graduates from approved transcription training programs may also be considered.

GMR Transcription – Hires medical, general and legal transcriptionist from US & Canada only.

M Modal – Hires full and part-time medical transcriptionists and editors.

Nuance Transcription – You must have a minimum one year of acute-care experience to include histories & physicals, operative notes, consults and discharge summaries, as well as other report types.

NTS India – Candidates should have at least 3 years MT experience to work from home as a medical transcriptionist for NTS India.

Perfect Transcription – They require at least 3 years experience in medical transcription and at least 2 years experience in a given specialty.

Phoenix Medcom, Inc. – They require a minimum of 3 years experience for Acute Care work, and 2 years experience transcribing for a specialty practice, clinic, surgery center, etc. Production environment experience essential.

Precision Transcription – Occasionally hires home-based medical transcriptionists. Visit their careers page to view the current job openings.

Precyse – Require 3 years experience. Full-time work available.

Preferred Transcriptions – Only hires experienced professionals.

Same Day Transcriptions – Fill out form online to apply.

ScribeCare – You can set your own hours to work from home as a medical transcriptionist for ScribeCare.

SoftScript – Always seeking professional medical transcriptionists, quality assurance specialists, information systems personnel, and other corporate professionals. Hires across US.

SpectraMedi – If you are an experienced medical transcriptionist then you can join SpectraMedi and work as a home-based transcriber.

StenoMed – Looking for transcriptionists who have an in-depth understanding of medical terminology, anatomy, physiology, procedures, and treatment.

Superior Transcribing Service, LLC – Applicants must have at least 2-3 years of experience in the medical transcription field.

Terra Nova – A minimum of five years transcription experience is required.

Transcription Net – You must have three years experience in medical transcription to get considered.

TransRX – Hires only from US & Canada.

Ubiqus – Hires all types of transcriptionists. You must have a typing speed of 70 wpm.

Verilogue – Hires work from home transcribers and translators. You must be a recent graduate with linguistics expertise to work as a translator.

Wordz Xpressed – Hires home-based general and medical transcribers. You have to visit to find the transcription openings.

X-Press Transcription – Hires experienced captioners across US.


Caption Colorado – Caption Colorado offers full and part-time captioning positions and a world where competitive rates, flexible hours, technical support, 401K, flex spending accounts, health/dental/vision and training are all available from the comfort and convenience of your home.

Caption Media Group – Only hires captioners from US. Experience required.

Rev – You can earn anywhere between $0.50-$0.75 per video minute captioning from home. Pays weekly via Paypal.

Talking Type Captions – Occasionally hiring work from home captioners.

US Captioning – Recruits both English and Spanish real-time closed captioners.

Vitac – You can work as a real time remote captioner.

Transcription Resources

Freelance Transcriptionist Road – An online guide to learn transcription from scratch.

MTJobs – Internet’s largest source of medical transcription jobs.

MT Stars – A community forum for US medical transcriptionists.


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