Get Paid to Sell Your Skills and Services through Microgigs

Sell Your Skills and Services

There are several websites that allows freelancers to promote and sell skill-based work. You can make a good money selling skills like designing, drawing, craft skills and even dancing. You just have to register with these websites and provide quality work to get a steady flow of clients.

Check out a list of companies where you can sell your skills to make money:

Agent Anything –  Yo have to complete short tasks asked by the client to earn money.

Fiverr –  You can offer your skills and services for $5 or more. Fiverr takes $1 commission off the $5 you make, and Paypal takes a fee too, making your total pay around $3.90 for each sale of $5.

Gigbucks – You have to sell your skills and services from $5 to $50.

iPayrr – iPayrr is basically a micro jobs site where you can buy or sell micro jobs at $5.

SEO Clerks – This is basically SEO related micro jobs site. Here, you have to sell your SEO skills and earn money.

Task Army – You can offer several services like writing, research, transcription and so on.

Task Rabbit – “Specify your skills and interests, and connect with local people who want to work with you.”

Tenbux – You can offer your skill-based or marketing-based services for $5.

Tenrr – You can speak directly with customer and buy or sell services for up to $10.

We Go Look – You can get paid up to $25 to “look” at things for people. The job is similar to mystery shopping. Must be at least 21 years of age to apply.

Z Jobs – You have to post your services at Z Jobs. You will only make some money if a ciient purchases your service. Z Jobs keeps 80 percent of the service fees as commission.