5 Companies Hiring Work from Home Mail Decoy Agent

Work from Home Mail Decoy Agents

The task of a work from home mail decoy agent involves receiving mails and recording the mailing details in a software. There are a few companies where you can work as a home-based mail decoy agent and earn some extra cash.

Check out a list of companies that hires work from home mail decoy agent:

Hauser – You have to mark the date received on each mail and enter the details on their website. You may occasionally have to send them some mail items back.

Local InfluencerOnce we confirm your address you’ll begin to receive a monthly check of $15 for joining our network and allowing us to use your address in local marketing.

Reportez – Reportez will send you a handheld scanner that plugs directly into your personal computer. You will use this scanner to scan certain barcodes on the mail which you want to report onto their website.

US Monitor – Pays their agents $10 per month and .25 cents for every mail they receive and process.

Small Business Knowledge Center – SBKC will pay you in points to receive mails which you can redeem for gift cards.


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