3 Simple Ways to Earn Money With Your Car

earn money with your car

Does your car simply sits in the garage while you go to work or you have a second car that you rarely use? If your car sits idle most of the time, you can rent or drive your car to earn money with your car.

Check out a list of companies where you can earn money with your car:

Make Money by Simply Driving Your Car

There are a few companies who will wrap your car with advertisements and will pay you to drive the car. The companies are:

BrandYourCar – “The chance to advertise on your car for money is open to any owners and drivers of privately owned vehicles from all over South Africa.”

Car Quids – Car Quids matches drivers with advertisers in towns and cities up and down the UK.

Please Note: There are several companies who claims that you will make thousands of dollars by advertising on your car. When you signup with those companies they send you an upfront check asking you to deposit the check in your bank to withdraw the money.

Those companies – that pays upfront checks without even putting ads. in your car – is definitely a scam. I would recommend you to avoid such companies that makes upfront payment via check. You can read more about this scam here.

Get Paid to Rent Your Car

If you are not into driving, you can even rent your car to car rental companies and earn money with your car.

DriveMyCar – Register your car on their car listings and get paid to rent your car to other travelers.

EasyCar Club – You can make £250 per month or more if rented regularly – by renting your car to EasyCar Club.

FlightCar – If you are parking your car at the airport, FlightCar will rent your car to other approved traveling members and will pay you for your car. Every rental is insured up to $1 million, and every renter is pre-screened.

HyreCar – Coordinate with HyreCar approved renters who want to rent your car, and earn money with your car on every rental.

RelayRides – Create custom pricing and availability for daily, weekly as well as monthly trips and rent your car to RelayRides.

Get Paid to Use Your Car as Taxi Service

You can register your car with the below mentioned companies and run your car as a taxi service to earn money with your car.

Curb – Sign up a partnership deal with curb and get paid to use your car as a taxi service.

Flywheel – Only drivers located in select US cities can register and make money.

HailO – Looking for professional, licensed drivers – trained, committed individuals with hard-won, in-depth knowledge of their city.

Lyft – Make upto $35 per hour driving your car for Lyft.

Ruby Ride – Drive your car for Ruby Ride and earn money with your car.

Shuddle – Make upto $40 per hour driving your car for Shuddle.

Sidecar – You can set your own price so you’ll stay competitive and get more rides.

Summon – Set your own hours and make upto $35 per hour.

Uber – Accept trips using the Uber app for drivers and get paid automatically to drive your car.