Get Paid to Write & Design Greeting Cards from Home

Design Greeting Cards from Home

Are you good at artwork, writing or photography? If your answer is YES, you can get paid to write and design greeting cards from home. There are several companies that accept freelance greeting cards submissions from people as well as hires greeting card designers to work from home.

Check out a list of companies where you can get paid to write and design greeting cards from home:

Writing Greeting Cards

American Greetings – You must follow their guidelines to send them your writing or illustrations submissions.

Avanti Press – Accepts both writing and illustrations. Send them some sample and if they like your sample, Avanti Press will contact you with further details.

Comstock – Send them your writings or photographs related to adult humor. If they approves your submission, you get paid.

Freedom Greeting Card – You can make money designing greeting cards by sending your creative writing or illustration submissions on their mailing address.

Gallant Greetings – Currently they are not accepting verse submission. Visit their website to check out if they are accepting submissions or not.

It Takes Two – If you have a commitment to excellence and a portfolio full of beautiful designs, you can contact them to submit your work and make money designing greeting cards.

Oatmeal Studios – Oatmeal Studios is always looking for humorous writing and illustration greeting card submissions.

PS Greetings – Accepts color copies of finished art, pencil roughs, printed samples and slides via postal mail.

Smart Alex – Only accepts “funny, edgy & risque” submissions from freelancers.

Designing Greeting Cards

Abbey Press – View some of their work and then submit your own artwork via email for consideration.

Abacus Cards – Always looking for talented artists and photographers and accepts new and original ideas, or something fresh to contribute to their existing ranges.

Allport – For 2015, Allport is looking for city- and state-specific art with clearly recognizable landmarks, etc.

Artists to Watch – They are always on the lookout for wonderful, fresh artistic talent in every media. You can email them some low res jpegs or send them your website link for review and if your submission is accepted, you can get paid to design greeting cards.

BayView Press – BayView Press accepts submissions for their cards, gift enclosures, blank books, magnets and prints. At the time of writing, they are not seeking new submissions but you can check their submission page for updates.

Card Gnome – You have to upload the design and Card Gnome will convert your design into greeting cards. If a customer purchases your card, you will make 5% of the price of a card.

Card Makers – Send them 6 to 8 jpegs at 72 dpi by filling out an online form. If your submission is accepted, you get paid.

Caspari – Caspari does not accept submissions of photographic artwork as they do not reproduce photographic images in their products.

Crown Point Graphics – They are always looking for submissions in a variety of topics and gives full copyright credits to their artists.

Fotofolio – You have to send them your submission photos in photocopies, laser copies and promotional pieces only.

Galison Mudpuppy – You have to either email them your artwork or mail them your work at their postal address.

Gina B. Designs – They are looking for artists with excellent composition skills to design greeting cards from home.

Great Arrow – They are always on the lookout for new talent and great designs to add to their award winning card collections.

Global Graphics – You can submit your sophisticated art, well-executed traditional designs, and occasion-oriented designs any time for review.

It Takes Two – You have to contact them to know the details about the submission procedure.

The Madison Park Group – The Madison Park Group is interested in receiving art submissions that offer a fresh, unique design perspective and enhance that current product line.

NobleWorks – You have to fill out and submit an online form to receive their submission guidelines and make money designing greeting cards from home.

Palm Press – They are looking for distinct and fresh images as well as conventional images in all categories for their photographic cards.

Paper Magic – You have to mail them your submission at their postal address for review.

Planet Zoo – They license photographs of wildlife in their natural habitat without any human footprint.

Pomegranate – They accepts writing and photography for review via email or postal mail.

P.S. Greetings – They do not work on royalty basis and pays their artists a one-time flat fee.

RSVP Greetings – Greeting cards and note cards features photography, illustrations, composite images, typographical designs and various other types of artwork.

Recycled Paper Greetings – Fill out an online form and upload your portfolio or post them your work along with a SASE for consideration. If they print your design, you get paid.

The Greeting Card Shop – Upload your cards, manage your inventory, and interact with other artists. Currently, artists are paid 12% of the sale price for each card. This translates to $0.24 per card.

The Great British Card Companies – They accepts illustrative, photographic, humour and editorial submissions. You can submit a selection of jpegs or pdf’s by email, on cd, or by hard copy.

TinyPrints – You have to email them your portfolio for consideration.

Up With Paper – Up With Paper is always looking for new submissions. You have to contact them via email to find out more about the submission process.

Woodmansterne – You can send low-resolution files and website links via email or hard copy print outs, CDs, transparencies and sketches and make money designing greeting cards.