16 Websites to Make Money With Crowdsourcing Contests

Crowdsourcing Contests, as the name suggests, requires you to participate in skill or merit based contests to win cash prizes or gift cards. I recommend this kind of jobs for quick extra money and not as a source of income.

Check out a list of companies where you can make money with crowdsourcing contests:

Bounty It – Find and participate in bounties. If your answer is selected, you win the crowdsourcing contests prize.

CrowdSpring – If you are good at art, illustration, and graphic design you can join CrowdSpring and make money.

Logo My Way – Participate in logo designing contests and win cash prizes. Crowdsourced Contests prizes vary from $200 to $1000.

Naming Force – Help naming businesses, domains, etc and get cash rewards. Only U.S. residents who are atleast 18 years of age can participate.

Picky Domains – Get paid for suggesting website names and slogans to our clients.

Squadhelp – Participate in several types of crowdsourced contests like naming domains, designing logos, article writing and lots more to win prizes.

Logo Force – Win the contest and get a chance to start a business with client.

99 Designs – Participate in designing contests at 99 Designs.

Boost CTR  – Compete with others in short advertisement writing contests and get paid.

Create My Tattoo – Participate in tattoo designing contests and if your tattoo design gets picked, you win the prize.

Copy Shoppy – Participate in copywriting contests and win prize if your copy is selected.

Design On Click – Compete with other designers in several types of designing tasks.

Kaggle – Compete with other data experts to solve complex data science problems and get an opportunity to work for some of the world’s biggest companies.

LogoTournament – Design logo for client. If your logo gets selected you will be rewarded.

Threadless – Submit T-shirt designs and get a chance to win big prize money if your design is picked by the crowd.

Tongal – Make money with crowdsourcing contests by submitting your idea about commercials, music videos and several other multimedia categories. Winners are also given time and money to crank out their vision.

Zooppa – Create commercial videos and graphic design contents for global brands. If your video wins, you get cash rewards.