11 Companies that Pay You to Answer Questions from Home

Answer Questions from Home

Several websites hire people to answer questions online from home via chat, email or phone and earn money. Most of these work from home question answer site pays only a few cents to answer questions from home and you cannot earn enough money even to consider those sites as an extra source of income.

But there are some sites where you can set your own rate and provide expert advice from the comfort of your home.

Check out a list of companies that hire people to answer questions from home as well as give advice and get paid.

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Answer Questions via Text Message (Extra Cash):

KGB – You have to answer questions via text message to get paid. KGB pays .03 cents to .10 cents per question answered. If you are a resident of US, Canada or Philippines, you can apply and work from home answering questions for KGB.

Weegy – Weegy is a question/answer directory that allows people to ask questions and you have to answer those questions that are not available on their directory. As a Weegy expert, you can make $0.20 USD for each question answered. Weegy hires people from worldwide to answer questions from home.

Answer Questions via Web (Extra Cash):

Experts 123 – You can get paid to write articles or answer questions from home. You have to start writing for them on a revenue sharing basis and get promoted to write for upfront pay. Experts 123 hires experts from worldwide.

FixYa – If you have some technical knowledge, you can help people with technical queries and earn points that you can exchange for gifts.

Help Owl – Get redeemable points to work from home answering questions on a variety of topics. Worldwide opportunity.

Just Answer  – Get paid to work from home answering questions in your field of expertise. Just Answer takes 50% off your earning as commission before paying you. Just Answer hire experts from worldwide. Great opportunity.

Wonder – Visit the Research Dashboard to view open requests and select the question that you want to answer. If the client is satisfied with your answer, you get paid.

Set Your Own Rate (Excellent Income Opportunity)

CreatePool – Share your skills and knowledge online and earn money. CreatePool will take 20% of your earning as commission.

Ether – Receive diverted calls and get paid to answer those calls from home. You can set your own rate but Ether will take a commission of 15 percent off your earnings. Worldwide opportunity.

Live Person – Set your own rate and work from home answering questions on your area of expertise. Pays via Paypal so anyone having a Paypal account can apply.

Maven – Select an hourly consulting rate and earn money consulting people as an expert. Maven hires experts from worldwide.


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