Home-Based Writing and Editing Jobs for Domainite

writing and editing jobs for domainite

Searching for new online opportunities to boost your income, allow us to introduce you a company which is always on the lookout for freelance writers and editors. Since writing and editing are among the top demanded skills in the freelance universe today, this is a great way to learn new things and earn extra money working from home.

About Domainite.com

Domainite specializes in providing wide variety of marketing services to multiple-niche businesses. Part of their services include advertising print materials, social media marketing, online reputation management, digital marketing, content writing, and editing.

What you’ll be expected to do as an article/blog post writer or editor for Domainite?

The freelance writing position at Domainite focuses entirely on creating articles and blog posts of different size and topics. Therefore, you will be expected to write variable amounts of content ordered by clients, including specific keywords that have to be dispersed in the text so that the article or blog post could meet ongoing SEO standards. Likewise, as an editor you will be supposed to edit different kinds of text, namely articles and blog posts. There are always plenty of work from home writing and editing tasks available at Domainite. One of the great benefits of working as a home-based writer and editor for Domainite is that you have the freedom to follow flexible timetable by choosing to do as much or as little work.

Am I qualified enough?

The writing and editing tasks at Domainite are pretty easy, therefore, no previous experience is required from candidates. However, to become a successful and high-paid writer or editor for Domainite, you have to be quick to respond to emails. Also, having excellent typing skills will be a plus. The faster you write, the more assignments you could complete, as a result, your payment will grow bigger.

What is the application process?

  • For Freelance Writers

You only need to visit this page and fill up the Freelance Writing Job Hire Form which requires to submit a short sample of something you have written recently. Another important thing you need to do is create a 5-digit code and send it via email to this address: sendallarticleshere@gmail.com. It is recommendable not to use 12345-type codes.

  • For Freelance Editors

It’s almost the same drill for freelance editors. If you prefer to edit rather than write, you can apply by visiting the editing sample page. There is a sample that you have to edit. You can copy and paste the sample in the box below and start editing. After you finish, scroll down and check the following instructions. You have to create a 6-digit code and send it to this email address: sendallarticleshere@gmail.com. Next, you will be asked to confirm whether you are familiar with using “track changes” in Microsoft Word. To perform well on this job, you really need to know how to use track changes. If you are not familiar, you can search online and learn a little bit more about it.

System Requirements

You will need a decent computer running Microsoft Windows, top speed internet, an email address, and a PayPal account. Also, your computer must have Microsoft Word installed.

How much does Domainite pay their work from home writers and editors?

Domainite pays 1$ per 100 written words and $0.25 per 100 proofread words.

Payment Methods

The company send payments via PayPal on a weekly basis, which is pretty convenient.

Does Domainite hire home-based writers and editors from worldwide?

Users from all over the world who enjoy fluency in English are welcome to join this virtual community.

All thing considered

Domainite is a really good place to gain experience and improve your writing and editing skills. If you wish to pursue a freelance writing or editing career, that is the right place to start. Although the pay rate is quite low, the timetable is flexible, there is always work available, day and night. Assignments are not difficult and the company pays on time. This is a good opportunity for those seeking for efficient ways to earn extra cash.

Application link

To apply, submit a sample of your own writing here. If it meets Domainite’s standards, they will let you know that you are able to start picking tasks and get paid. To apply for an editor, edit the given sample here and submit it. The company will contact the short-selected applicants only.

In case your writing meets their standards, but the company is not hiring at the moment, they will put you on a waiting list and reach you out when a position opens. If they are interested in you, you’ll receive a response via email within a week. They communicate in a very polite and friendly manner.

Are you familiar with other companies that offer home-based writing or editing positions? Do you have any existing experience with Domainite? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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