Home-Based Sales and Support Agent for Cruise.com

Home-Based Sales and Support Agent for Cruise.com

Cruising is the most popular way for people to spend their vacation or celebrate a life event, such as marriage. Although ships can take you to a number of beautiful places, it is the job of a cruise agent that plays major role in the booking process. Cruise agents help travelers book their next vacation by choosing the cruise package that suits their desires and budget. Generally, cruise agents sell cruise packages and provide customers with updated information on destinations and ships.

Cruise.com is now hiring high qualified online cruise sales agents, home-based support agents, and customer service agents. If you have passion for cruises combined with some experience on board, you can become a home-based sales and support agent for Cruise.com, and help people book their next vacation. Moreover, selling cruises from home can be a great opportunity to start a new exciting career.

What is Cruise.com?

As the name implies, Cruise.com is a travel-focused online platform designed to provide travel lovers with valuable information on cruises and help them get affordable prices on available packages. Something to keep in mind is that the company specializes only in cruises.

Cruise.com offers attractive deals that include culinary cruises, kids cruises, theme cruises, wedding cruises, holiday cruises, river cruises, weekend cruises, and more. Travel enthusiasts can ask for information over the phone or via email, and the sales agent will recommend the best cruise deals based on the their needs.

Work Description & Qualification Requirements

  • Home-based Cruise Sales Agent

This position requires at least 2 years experience in cruise sales. If you have worked in a call center environment selling cruise packages on the major cruise lines, that will be considered an advantage and will certainly make your resume standout. Some positions may require fluency in English, Spanish, Russian or French.

As a stay-at-home cruise sales agent your role will be to sell cruise vacations, insurance, and other product options to potential customers through inbound or outbound phone calls, and accept quotes online via email. Also, your responsibilities will feature closing sales of cruise bookings, persuading customers to buy particular cruise packages in order to contribute for maximizing the company’s overall revenue. You will have to put as much effort as necessary to meet your monthly sales goals.

  • Work-at-home Online Support Agent

This job requires all candidates have previous cruise sales experience gained in the span of one year at least. The longer, the better. Those who have been working as call center agents for companies that deal with sales in the major cruise lines will be considered preferable. If you choose to become a work-at-home support agent for Cruise.com, you will be expected to meet a few more requirements. Your responsibilities will include: answering incoming calls from customers and providing them with good advice or solution to a problem.

Also, you will have to answer various questions on cruise-related matter, convert inquiries into invoices, and offer Allianz insurance with purpose to sell. You will have to communicate with customers in a friendly, polite and efficient manner, leaving them satisfied with the service provided. Additionally, there will be a plan to follow that contains the minimum productivity goals that you have to meet on a monthly basis.

Both positions require proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite, excellent communication skills, ability to type fast, and ability to solve problems. Furthermore, you must be able to perform well and stay productive within the 8-hour (regular business hours) long shifts.

Equipment & System Requirements

To perform your duties well there are basic equipment and system requirements that must be met, including: top speed internet access and a properly working desktop computer or laptop with dual core processor running Windows OS. Moreover, a good quality headphones and microphone will help you maintain high level of quality service on all calls.

How to apply for home-based sales and support agent for Cruise.com?

The application process is easy and fast. You have to keep track on the job openings the company announces on their official page. When the job you have been waiting for finally comes out, prepare your resume, copy and paste it in an email and send it to jobs@cruise.com . It is important to mention the job title you aim for in the subject area of your email. If you are applying for work-from-home sales or support agent, be sure to add a brief description of your previous experience in the cruise industry.

If you are among the short-listed candidates, they will reach you via phone for further interview. If you get lucky and receive a job offer, you will be put to an employment and criminal history check. If you do well on that final test, Cruise.com will hire you to work as a home-based sales or support agent.

Does Cruise.com provide any training for newbies?

Yes, they do provide training for newcomers, and it is paid. Future sales cruise agents will be invited to enroll in a web-based four-week long course held from Monday through Friday. The course will start at 11 AM and end at 8 PM EST (Eastern Standard Time). During the training process, you will be able to access the course materials via internet.

How much does Cruise.com pay their work-at-home sales and support agents?

There is not much information available regarding payment on their website. According tothe reviews written by their employees at Glassdoor, Cruise.com pays their home-based agents, anywhere between $10 and $15 per hour.

Normally, home-based agents are offered a starting salary plus commission or encouragement plan and an attractive employee benefits package.

Does Cruise.com hire home-based sales and support agents from worldwide?

Everyone is welcome to apply without regard to skin color, sex, nationality, religion, race, or any kind of disability. If you meet all the requirements, you will get you chance to work for a respected and fast-growing company.

Is this an independent contractor opportunity?

Cruise.com treats their work-from-home sales and support agents as employees and provides a benefits package including dental, medical, and life insurance, paid days off with sickness, holidays pay, and discounts on cruise travel through IATAN membership.

Bottom Line

Selling cruises from home sounds pretty exciting as it gives a good opportunity to boost your experience in the cruise business. If you have worked as a sales agent on the major cruise lines, you must have pretty good idea of the responsibilities you will have to assume.

Application Link

To keep track on the vacant positions available at the moment, visit the Employment section of the official website. When you are ready to send a resume, scroll down and read the “How to Apply” instructions on the bottom of the page.

Good luck to all!

How do you feel about working as a cruise sales agent? Do you already have existing experience with Cruise.com or similar companies?

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