CrowdSurf Transcription Work from Home for Beginners

CrowdSurf Transcription work from home

Bored with your job and wondering if there is an easy way to make some extra cash while working flexible hours at home? Perhaps you can work from home as a transcriber for CrowdSurf.

What is CrowdSurf?

CrowdSurf is an online platform offering micro jobs related to transcription and captioning and is a great way for people to supplement their income. CrowdSurf allows people to make money from home working on individual tasks called HITs (Human Intelligence Tasks). The company’s mission is to make online media more open for second language viewers and users with poor listening skills or impaired health. Working under the motto “For the crowd, by the crowd”, the company is constantly hiring work-from-home professionals to contribute for the process of creating verbatim transcripts.

Work Description

Once you decide to join the CrowdSurf community, you will become a Crowd Virtualizer. Although CrowdSurf workers are free to choose when and where to work, there is a minimum amount of HITs that has to be done within a week. Currently, CrowdSurf offers seven levels of Mechanical Turkers. Each level builds upon the previous and requires meeting certain qualifications and work quality standards. While Level 1 workers perform transcription tasks only and aiming to maintain the a good quality level score, Level 2 workers review and edit transcription tasks which have been already completed in addition to the main transcribing work.

Newcomers are welcome to join Level 1, whereas, to join Level 2 team, you must meet further requirements. For example, your minimum of completed HITs must be 500 and higher, and you must maintain an average quality level score of 3.70 or above. Also, your work history with CrowdSurf must be clean of fraudulent transcription HITs. Analogically, as you reach the next level, your work responsibilities will expand and so will your payment.

Required skills & qualification

Normally, to perform well in the transcription field, you must have strong listening skills as well as written language fluency. Additionally, the company applies some ground rules relating to grammar and spelling, punctuation, numbering, and more that all workers must adhere. Excellent typing skills will also be an advantage.

System Requirements

You will need a good functioning computer – a desktop or laptop. High quality speakers or a pair of headphones are definitely a must as you will have to listen carefully to perform well on your transcription tasks. Also, you need to have an active Mechanical Turk account since CrowdSurf works with this platform and you will be choosing your transcription tasks from there. If you already have an Amazon account you can use it, you do not have to create a new one.

Application process

If you are looking for ways to boost your income, you can start with creating a Mturk (Mechanical Turk) account and choose among the micro jobs called HITs. Since June 2015 all CrowdSurf tasks, including transcription, are available on Mturk only. To preform work for CrowdSurf, you will need to sign up on Amazon Mechanical Turk and that is mandatory. The money you earn by doing various transcription tasks will be send on your Amazon Mturk account.

How much does CrowdSurf pay their transcriptionists?

Basically, the payment varies from HIT to HIT. The more work you complete, the higher payment you will get. The average payment starts at $.05 for a – easy to transcribe – 30 second audio and goes upto $.90 per audio minute for more complex audio.

Payment Methods

CrowdSurf applies two types of payments. You can receive a base payment and volume bonus. Crowdsurf base rates vary as they depend on the work performed. Volume bonuses are given every Monday for the transcription amount of work completed from Monday to Sunday, holidays excluded.

On Mondays you will get the money for the last week’s work performed. For more information, go to the Getting paid page and read the article. You can also keep track of how much bonus you have earned by using the Bonus calculator. All you need to do is enter the number of HITs you have completed as a Crowd Virtualizer.

Does Crowdsurf hire Crowd Virtualizers from worldwide?

The website accepts users from worldwide.

Is this an independent contractor opportunity?

If you choose to work for CrowdSurf you will work as an independent contractor.

On the overall

If you find transcribing media or audio content an interesting thing to do, you should definitely work for CrowdSurf. CrowdSurf is constantly hiring people. Whether you like the job or not, it won’t hurt if you apply and see what will happen. Then, if you decide this job doesn’t suit you, you can just stop doing it.

All in all, CrowdSurf offers flexibility and can be an efficient way of making some extra cash. However, if you pursue a higher career goal, that may not be the right place. CrowdSurf is completely trustworthy, legit platform. Earnings won’t make you rich, but they will certainly put money in your pocket.

Application Link

Conveniently, the website has developed pretty easy system to apply. You can find clear step-by-step instructions on their Get started page.

Thanks for reading.

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