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Clickworker is a global company based in Germany and operates on the data entry, online translation, short tasks and text-writing industry using a well-established crowdsourcing platform. From product data management to search engine evaluation, Clickworker provides a wide range of work assignments to Internet users. The company also partners with UHRS (Universal Human Relevant System), a separate web platform that offers similar micro jobs, mostly related to search engine optimization and internet marketing.

What types of work from home job opportunities does Clickworker offer?

Clickworker hires freelancers to do various micro tasks that mostly refer to writing, web research, data entry, data management, translation, and transcription. The tasks are mostly available on the UHRS platform. Remote workers who are into writing tasks will have to write product descriptions for e-commerce-oriented websites or create different SEO-friendly texts for marketing purposes. Web research and data entry specialists will have to deal with large amounts of data –  to verify, structure and classify it into suitable categories and mark the keywords to make it easy to trace.

Am I qualified enough to become a Clickworker?

Everyone at their legal work age (according to the jurisdiction of their country of residence) and having basic computer knowledge is qualified enough to work at Clickworker. However, if you aim to take writing jobs, you must have good command of written English and ability to type fast. High typing speed is an advantage for those who are willing to take data entry jobs.  If you want to make money doing translation, you must prove that you are fluent in at least two languages of high demand.

How does it work?

It’s very easy to apply and you don’t have to send any application. To join the Clickworker’s platform, simply fill out a form to create a user name and password (make sure to use no less than 8 characters for your password). Then check your email inbox for email notification. You must fill out your profile wisely and add all the necessary personal details empathizing on your skills and former experience (if you have any; if you don’t, that’s okay too).

On the next step, you will be asked to complete short qualification assessments. Based on your results, you’ll be assigned with tasks and projects that match the skills. The more assessment tests you pass successfully (score must be 80% and above), the better projects will open for you. But be careful, some tests might be tricky. To be well-prepared, read the instructions to each test very carefully. Go to their career page and check the job positions available. Before you register, you might as well want to look in on the company’s general business terms.

What technical equipment will I need for this job?

For starters, you are going to need a functioning computer with high speed internet connection. An email address and a verified PayPal account or SEPA bank account is a must. Also, you will need to install Internet Explorer since the platform is optimized for it only. Technically, you are free to use another browser, but there’s no guarantee that everything will function properly.  A pair of good quality headphones will do you much good if you are after transcription projects.

How much does Clickworker pay?

Depending on the task qualifications, your speed, practice, and concentration abilities, you can earn anywhere between $6 and $10 per hour. In most cases, you can earn around $9 hourly.

Payment methods

Generally, ClickWorker pays weekly via PayPal or sends a bank deposit. If you are based in a country that is a part of the SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area), you must provide verified bank account to receive payment. US residents get paid via PayPal.

Does Clickworker hire agents from worldwide?

Generally, the company hires remote workers from the US; however, there are job positions available for other countries worldwide. If you are interested, check their list for UHRS availability. In case you attempt to register on the Clickworker platform and get the message “Registration for your home country is not available at the moment”, this means there are no jobs for you at this point and you can re-check after a few months.

To sum up

  • The Ups

Clickworker is a renowned and reliable payer. Form text creation, translation, data entry, transcription and other micro jobs, remote workers have an opportunity to benefit financially from various assignments. The tasks vary and there can be something new to do every day. In addition, Clickworker allows you to work flexible hours enjoying the comfort of your home environment. The jobs are simple and flexible, and you will be able to set your own hours and work independently from anywhere as long as you have a computer connected to the Internet.

  • The Downs

Although the tasks are easy, the pay is generally on the lower side and even if you work really hard, you can hardly make a living. I would recommend you to consider Clickworker as an opportunity to supplement your main income.  as there will be times with no jobs. You can register to see what happens, but don’t rely too much on it. Keep on hunting for other options to make some extra cash online.

For more feedback from their former workers, check the reviews on Glassdoor.

Application link

If we awakened your interest, you can register on their work platform and enter the universe of online micro tasks.

How do you feel about doing micro tasks for companies like Clickworker? Please, feel free to share your opinion in the comments below.

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