CastingWords Transcription Work from Home for Beginners

CastingWords transcription

Although transcription isn’t an easy thing to do, still many freelancers feel comfortable doing various transcription tasks and get paid for it. Frustrating it may seem at first, naturally, the more you practice it, the better you become. What is more, plenty of companies out there offer transcription jobs, so this turns out to be a good way to make some extra money.

About CastingWords

CastingWords is a US-based company founded in 2005, whose area of focus is general transcription. CastingWords offers wide variety of transcription jobs and welcomes workers from worldwide. You can find many of CastingWords transcription jobs on the Amazon mTurk platform as well as on their website and Upwork.

Work Description

As a transcriptionist, your part will be to listen to short audio snippets, mostly from company meetings, college lectures, presentations, or other general conversations and discussions, and type down what the speakers say. When you finish the task, you submit it for review.  CastingWords pays only for tasks that are approved after being reviewed. The job allow you to work online, and set your own work hours. You can work as much or as little as you like. On-jobs can take from a few seconds to long hours to complete.

How does the work process go?

You pick a task from the list available to workers and preview the work. If you think you can handle, you can take it. If, by any reason, you change your mind or can’t do the task within the set time frame, you can return it. After you finish with the task, you have to submit it for reviewing.

Qualification Requirements

No previous experience is required. However, it will be an advantage if you have excellent listening skills and ability to type fast. Language fluency and grammar accuracy is a must.

Technical Requirements

A fast computer running Windows OS and high-speed Internet connection will be necessary. Also, a pair of headphones is an absolute must since you will be listening to different types of talks and discussions and transferring them into document files. You might want to invest in a new pair top quality headphones in order to improve your sound experience. This can help you perform better on the job. Additionally, you will need to provide a verified PayPal ID.

Application Process

To work for CastingWords transcription, you have two options:

If you are interested in the transcription jobs, you can create an account and get started. Go to CastingWords Workshop  and fill up the application form with some basic details. Then you will be transferred to other page to fill up extra information, including PayPal account, your first and last name, country and address, zip code, etc. Typically, you’ll be asked to agree with the Terms and Conditions and sign an Independent Contractor Agreement. You will receive an email from CastingWords community manager that will include further guidelines, explanations, and helpful hints for your future work. Don’t miss to read carefully the Terms of Service, The CastingWords Style Guide, and CastingWords’ Workshop FAQ.

Something to take into account

CastingWords have received several reports over the past few months for people presenting to be CastingWords, hiring workers and not paying them. Note that the company hires freelance workers only via their official website CastingWords Workshop, Amazon’s Mechanical Turk using requester ID A3MI6MIUNWCR7F, and oDesk (now Upwork) using company ID 513433.

How much does Casting Words pay their workers?

Depending on the length of the audio file, the payment varies. CastingWords can pay per audio minute or per task. Before you decide to take on a task, you will be able to check the length of the audio file and the payment rate. To do that,  visit the CastingWords workers dashboard and take a look at the on-going tasks.

Entry-level freelancers will be authorized to transcribe short audio files. The payment will range from $0.20 to $0.50 per audio minute. If you transcribe 3 to 4 files accurately with an average rating of 8 (based on accuracy and correct use of grammar and punctuation), you will be given access to high-paid audio files. Transcriptionists who receive positive reviews from clients will be rewarded with bonus payments.

According to an update from 25 June, 2015:

“Jobs on Workshop will pay 20% more than jobs on Mechanical Turk, because Mechanical Turk takes a 20% cut.”

Payment Methods

PayPal is the only payment option if you choose to work through their website. Those who use the Amazon MTurk platform get paid via direct deposit. Only after you have earned at least $1 you may request payment by clicking on the “Request Transfer” button. CastingWords sends payments every Friday at 10:00 AM Pacific Time.

Does CastingWords hires transcribers from worldwide?

Casting Words hires transcribers from all over world.

Is this an independent contractor opportunity?

Yes, CastingWords workers (Turk workers) are independent contractors.

Overall impression

No matter how good you get in transcribing, these jobs remain low-paid and chances are that this won’t change for good any time soon. Working as a transcriptionist for CastingWords is a good way to earn some money in your free time to supplement your general income; however,  at some point the job gets repetitive and boring which certainly affects the overall motivation. One good thing about transcription jobs is that you will enhance you listening skills and learn to type fast, which, without a doubt, will help you in the next phase of your career.

I have worked for CastingWords for several months. I would say transcribing short audio files were easy and the audio quality was good at most of the time. The only thing I didn’t like about CastingWords is they don’t have a constant team of editors, and every high-rated worker is allowed to review and edit transcription files. If the editor in question, who gets to review your work, is having a bad day, chances are high that your work will be graded lower, which is unfair.

Despite the above mentioned, I would still recommend you to apply for CastingWords since it is one of the legitimate transcription companies that hires unexperienced workers and the payment is not that bad.

Application Link

To apply for work at CastingWords, sign up through the company site or via Amazon mTurk. If you already have an Amazon account, there is no need to create a new one; use the existing username to enter the system.

How do you feel about doing transcription work from home? Do you have any existing experience with CastingWords or similar companies like Rev, TranscribeMe, etc.? If so, please let us know by sharing your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • This is a very good description of Casting Words. I have been alternating between them, Scribie, and Crowdsurf on mTurk. None of them is going to make you rich. However, I find the more transcribing I do, the better I get at it, and hopefully someday that will help me pass the exams at one of the higher-paying sites. So perhaps you should look at it as paid on-the-job training! Certainly cheaper than paying someone else to train you!

  • I’m a current freelancer for Castingwords and I think their pay rate changed. I’m looking at the job board and the maximum is $0.18. Then again, I am still new with only 10 or so jobs and a grade average of 6.0 but apparently I can’t keep this up if the pay rate doesn’t improve for me.