Work as an Online English Tutor with Cambly

Online English Tutor with Cambly

The online tutoring business is considered cost-effective and greatly flourishing in today’s work from home industry. Tutors usually charge per hour. Earning between $10 and $50 hourly, you can definitely make a fine living while working in the comfort of your home.

People who enjoy an extensive knowledge of English as well as other foreign languages can benefit a lot from helping students from worldwide improve their knowledge. If you are a native English speaker, you can work as an online English tutor for Cambly and train people to become fluent in that particular language.

What is Cambly?

Cambly is a company that offers one-to-one tutoring services to students from around the globe. It is a start-up created by Kevin Law and Sameer Shariff who used to work for Google and the online platform for messages Following the philosophy that the best way to improve your English skills and enhance your vocabulary is by talking to a native speaker as much as possible, they decided to launch a website where students from anywhere in the world can connect with those native speakers and gain valuable knowledge. Cambly separates into two sides: one for those who want to learn the language through chats and video conversations, and another one for the tutors who are interested in making extra money. This is a flexible work-from-home job for both experienced and non-experienced ESL (English Second Language) tutors.

What does an online English tutor do on Cambly?

As an online English tutor with Cambly,  you will have to do language teaching via chat and video conversations. Basically, you will be engaging Cambly’s users in short chat sessions. No strict rules apply regarding the topics, so you can talk about a wild variety of things. Students can connect with on-demand tutors via their tablets or smartphones using the mobile Cambly application, or via PC. The tutoring process goes pretty easy. You have to log in when you have enough time to spare and wait for students to demand your service. Day or night, you can work whenever you want. When you are logged in and someone wants to have a chat, a notification will appear on your dashboard. It is on you to decide whether to take the session or not. Chat sessions can last from a few minutes to an hour or longer. All you have to do is provide some help to the learners by talking to them. This should not be a hard thing to do for a native speaker. When the conversation ends, Cambly will pay you for the time you spent tutoring.

Minimum qualification required

You don’t have be a professional teacher to do tutoring on Cambly. The company hires only native English speakers and that is the only condition, no previous teaching training is needed. Having good talkative skills and not being shy to take part in casual conversations with various people is an advantage for all applicants. Outgoing personalities who enjoy small talk will certainly do well on this job.

Technical requirement

Tutors need a computer, high-speed Internet connection, a working webcam and microphone.

How does the application process go?

To apply for an English tutor, open the Cambly page and choose “Tutors” right next to the “Home” button. Then click on the big red rectangle that says “Become a Tutor”. Before you become a part of Cambly online tutoring community, you will have to give proof you are a good match for the job. After you fill in some basic details about yourself, you will be taken to a screen and asked to record a video. Cambly will ask you to introduce yourself. You can say a few words about your work experience, interests, talents, and personality. This video will be reviewed later and based on your performance they will decide to hire you or not. It is alright to record the video as many times as you want until you are satisfied with the results and then submit it.

How much does Cambly pay their English tutors?

Cambly pays 0.17 cents per minute talking to students. If you have been tutoring for an hour, you will earn $10.20.

Payment Methods

Cambly English tutors are paid via PayPal twice a month usually on the 1st and 15th, provided you have reached the minimum amount of earnings for the period which is $20.

Does Cambly hire online English tutors from worldwide?

Yes, tutors from all over the world can work as an online English tutor with Cambly platform as long as they are native English speakers.

On balance

Integrating online technologies into teaching may seem quite challenging. However, the startup Cambly proved successful for developing the right approach that turned out equally beneficial for both students and tutors. Having online conversations with students from different parts of the world gives you the chance not only to earn extra money, but also expand your knowledge on foreign cultures and languages. English tutoring on Cambly is a good option for extra funding, but that is all. It can only provide some cash advance, but you should not see it as a primary source of income.

Application link

Is online English tutoring is the kind of work-at-home job you have been look for lately? Then fill in the necessary personal information and submit your video recording using the form on the company website.

If you are willing to try your luck, please let us know how it goes.

Would you ever work as an online English tutor? Do you have any experience? Is it really worth the time? Feel free to share your opinion on this topic in the comments below.


  • Complete waste off time at the moment as their are virtually no students my weekly earnings have dropped from $200 to $40 in the last two months. They have no support or training for the tutors and have exceptionally poor teaching materials. Their entire businesses model is to tempt thousands of new students every quarter with a free trial virtually none of them realise its a paid for service after the trial let alone how expensive it is and maybe if their lucky 0.1% might buy a subscription for every call you do get over 90% of them will be those 5 minute free trials and your meant to just give a sales pitch its not a real teaching establishment. But since we have no teaching materials of any kind its super rare that a student stays any length of time they have a great community and some wonderful people but at the moment Cambly is just is not worth it. And it is not what is advertised as your not an English tutor your a salesman and hear are my stats Tutor Rating: 4.9 / 5.0 details

    Total Chats: 2229

    Total Chat Minutes: 12488

    Account Balance: $30.77 USD

    Total Payments: $2,132.99 USD

    so as you can see I’m talking from experience

    • This is not true that it is slow. It is increasingly busy and I get many return students and have been able to pull in $300 weekly!