Article Bunny Review – High Paying Freelance Writing Opportunity

Article Bunny Review

Launched in 2015, Article Bunny is a web-based platform which you can join as a freelance writer and get paid to write articles for their clients. Article Bunny enjoys a fast-growing client base and aims to provide its clients with beautifully written content in a variety of styles and formats. Therefore, it is always on the lookout for talented and experienced writers.

Work Description

Clients all over the world join Article Bunny and order articles for various purposes, mostly business or marketing-related. If you get lucky and join the pool of professional writers there, you will be expected to write:

  • List-type articles
  • Blog posts
  • News articles
  • Press releases
  • Presentations
  • SEO-friendly articles
  • Marketing content
  • Academic writing assignments (essays, reports, personal statements, research papers, proposals, etc.)

Qualification Required

To be clear, Article Bunny managers are looking for exceptional writers, not beginner level enthusiasts with less than none experience. They are very picky when it comes to hiring. As it says on their website, “less than 2% of all writers that apply make the cut.”

Of course, that shouldn’t bother you if you have the right skills, some experience and a number of successfully completed writing projects under your belt. If you don’t, you still have the chance to reapply later when your writing skills and English knowledge have significantly improved.

So, here are the main requirements for the role of an Article Bunny writer:

  • Proficient knowledge of written English (an absolute must)
  • Desire and passion to write and express yourself in a written form
  • Motivation to write in a range of styles and formats to meet clients’ demands
  • Fast turnaround
  • Accuracy and professionalism demonstrated for each task
  • Creative and imaginative personality
  • Good communication
  • Availability for work

If you think you are the right match and apply, be prepared to take a series of tests aiming to evaluate your writing skills.

What tech and system equipment will I need for this job?

Aside from your knowledge in English, you are going to need some basic tech equipment to join Article Bunny as a freelance writer. Nothing special, just the general stuff freelance writers use:

  • Fast working computer, PC or laptop
  • High speed reliable Internet connection
  • Updated version of anti-virus and malware threat detect software
  • An active PayPal account to receive payments
  • Perhaps an editing software like Ginger or Grammarly

Application Process

To become one of Article Bunny’s professional writers, click on the apply to become a bunny pro button in orange and start the application process.

Step 1

Create an account. You will be requested to fill out a simple online form. Write your email address, your full name, create a password. If you represent a company, you need to mention its name. You can also announce your location and give a phone number for contact. After your account creation is completed, go to the next stage.

Step 2

In step two, you will have to give more details, mainly your rates based on the article length and the time period you will need to complete the project. Also, you will be requested to tell a little more about your professional background. Make sure to include your years of experience, education in relation to writing and English skills as well as any awards you’ve received over the years.

Step 3 

The following stage include evaluation tests. Their purpose is to assess your grammar awareness, sense of style, writing and editing capabilities. You must fill all the blank fields to continue further. If you succeed to pass all tests, you will be accepted in the team.

Rating system

Note, Article Bunny relies on a rating system to determine which writers are good to stay. The smart algorithm produces a shortlist of those writers who demonstrate professionalism and fast turnaround. In my view, such system may not be quite efficient, especially when it comes to evaluating skills and talents.

What payment can you expect as a writer for Article Bunny?

There is not much information publicly shared regarding pay rates for freelance writers. It is known that writers have the freedom to set their own rates. Articles are priced per word. For direct projects they charge clients $71 (300-400 word article) and $341 (1600-2400 word article) for a “speedy” project. Note, these rates are for clients before the company collects its fee.  For more information, you may take a peek at their How It Works page.

The work process

Once you join the team of writers at Article Bunny, you may proceed with building your profile. Set your pay rates. Upload samples of your work.

There are two ways to get writing gigs. One is to let clients find you and assign you a project. You complete and submit the work. After it is approved, you get paid.

Another way is to wait for clients to submit projects. If you like the project, take it. Payment will be authorized after completion and approval from the client’s side.

Payment Methods

Article Bunny sends payments via PayPal, Payoneer or Wire Transfers.

Is this a worldwide opportunity?

Yes. Everyone who is proficient in English is welcome to apply.

Is this an independent contractor opportunity?

Yes. Work-from-home writers at Article Bunny get hired as independent contractors.

Overall Impression

Article Bunny is an interesting marketplace. It is young but shows a huge potential to grow bigger in the next few years. The terms and conditions are fair. Because it is focused on hiring experienced and professional writers, this can be a great opportunity for those who are tired of getting low pay for their high quality work.

If you are a talented writer with perfect grammar knowledge, Article Bunny gives you the chance to shine and gain appreciation for your work. Although they are picky to candidates, once you got hired, you can get access to really nice high-paying gigs. The only trick is those tasks may be taken pretty fast by other freelancers. Some current writers at Article Bunny say, the pay is good but the amount of work is not as much as expected.

My advice is to try this opportunity out, but don’t let go of your current writing jobs yet. Perhaps, working at Article Bunny could be more of a side project to supplement your primary income rather than a full-time job.

Application Link

Ready to work for Article Bunny? You can apply as a freelance writer here

Apart from their writing opportunity, Bunny Inc. also hires freelance translator and voice over artist.

Best of luck!

Do you have any knowledge or experience writing for Article Bunny or other web-based platforms for writers? Feel free to share your opinion. The voice of readers is the most important.  

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  • I signed up for them a couple of months ago but was never able to snag a project. In the past 7 days alone I was able to get 10+. It was all website copy work, but it was straightforward and the rate was decent. However, you do have to wait 30 days to be paid.

  • I’ve worked for them. They are extremely rude and unprofessional. I advise writers and clients to stay as far away as possible from this company.