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Appen Search Engine Evaluator

Today, we are able to access easily huge amounts of information thanks to the search engines. However, those web search tools do not always operate accurately. Therefore, they need a regular clean-up, and this can be done only by human, not a machine. So, if you happen to be an Internet savvy looking for flexible options to make money from home, you should consider working as Appen search engine evaluator. Not only it is fun but it doesn’t require hard work. Plus, the pay you will get is pretty good.

About the company

Appen Butler Hill, or simply Appen, is an award-winning company which has been around for more than 16 years. Furthermore, the name of the company appeared on Forbes Magazine’s prestigious list counting down the Top 100 Companies Offering Flexible Jobs in 2014 and 2015. Globally recognized as a leading provider of virtual data-focused solutions to help technology companies expand on international markets, Appen enjoys a global web of specialists, including experienced engineers, cultural experts and linguists working together to improve search engine performance or build highly effective translation software. Appen’s employees can provide an impressive level of expertise in more than 150 languages. Although the company keeps expanding and offering various independent contractor remote opportunities for work, their most famous online position is of a web search evaluator.

What specifically does a Appen search engine evaluator do?

You probably haven’t thought how exactly search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing function. To create an algorithm that determines excellent results to leave users happy with the information, it is a complex process that takes time and a lot of hard work. Plus, there has to be a human element to craft the perfect search results. This is when the Appen search engine evaluator comes to play their role. They have to look at the results and evaluate them for quality, accuracy, relevancy, and helpfulness. Web search evaluators have to provide feedback, based on which developers will know what needs to be fixed. Thus, they are able to work on improving the search algorithms.

Qualification Required

The qualifications required to work as Appen search engine evaluator are:

  • Basic skills and awareness for installing software, and addressing software issues with limited support.
  • A genuine interest in surfing the Internet.
  • Experience with Web browsers in navigating a variety of content.
  • A broad interest and up-to-date knowledge of web-focused culture, news, media, business, and sports.
  • The flexibility and patience to learn and grow in a dynamic environment of frequently changing standards and tasks.
  • Willingness to ask questions and seek guidance when uncertain.
  • Strong attention to detail and ability to concentrate and perform well in a time-sensitive environment.
  • Ability to perform well when solo
  • Willingness to apply effective time management techniques.
  • Excellent command of English, written and spoken.
  • Excellent critical thinking, problem-solving, decision-making, and researching skills.
  • Excellent communication skills.

Does the company offer any training to get started?

Web search evaluators who have just arrived on the Appen work platform will be provided with good learning material that includes: around 50-page guidelines, 10 modules and 4 lessons. Sure, this will help you learn valuable information and make a flying start.

Technology Requirements

To work as Appen search engine evaluator, you must have:

  • Laptop or a desktop computer running Windows Vista or above
  • High-speed and reliable Internet connection

Application Process

To search the available job positions, go to the Web Search Evaluator Opportunities and find the one that best suits your interests and desires. Read carefully the job description and requirements, and if you think you are a good fit, press the red APPLY button at the end of the advertisement and fill up all the necessary information about yourself.

How much does Appen pay their web search evaluators?

The pay rate for a web search evaluator is about $14 per hour. You will have to work at least 20 hours weekly. This narrows down to an average workload of 4 hours daily for which you will earn $56. Not bad at all.

Payment Methods

The company pays once per month via PayPal or direct bank deposits.

Does Appen hire professionals from worldwide?

Yes, applicants from different countries around the world are welcome to apply.

Is this an independent contractor opportunity?

Appen’s search engine evaluator is an independent contract position. This means expect no benefits, and you will have to handle your taxes.

Overall impression

As Appen operates on many fields, it offers various online jobs like transcription, translating, crowdsourcing, consulting, software development, accounting and auditing jobs. Although the company receives mixed reviews on the work environment, web search evaluator positions remain most wanted by prospective applicants and top-rated by former workers. Apparently, this is something you should take into account if you are considering applying for some available position. As a web search evaluator you will basically surf the web and examine content all day which sounds pretty awesome and stress-free.

  • The pros

This job is fun, easy, and scam-free. More importantly, you will learn how to rate websites for up and coming companies.  This is a great opportunity to build new valuable skills to help you advance in your future career. You will also earn good money while working flexible hours in the comfort of your home.

  • The cons

Your contract can be ended shortly after you start working if they are not satisfied with your work performance. Technical problems with the online tool, which you have to use, occur constantly and it can be annoying. At last but not least, at some point the job may get repetitive and tedious.

For more reviews by former workers, you can always check Indeed and Glassdoor and then decide for yourself whether it is worth applying or not. At this point, I believe it won’t hurt if you take your chances.

Application Link

Interested in becoming a web search evaluator, you’ll be happy to know there are job openings pretty often. To know a little bit more about the positions available at Appen at the moment, visit their official page and check the Current Opportunities button. You can also check the job boards and narrow the search using keywords or select a criteria.

Do you have experience working as Appen search engine evaluator, feel free to share your thoughts below…

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