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AnswerFirst call center agent

Nowadays, it’s seems like most people are very keen on the idea of purchasing a freelance career. One way to provide yourself with a promising income is to target well-established work at home companies that are willing to pay good money for your services right away. Indeed, plenty of companies out there are on the lookout for remote workers. Some require more work for less money, others allow you to follow flexible schedule and pay pretty well. If you are interested in finding a home-based call center job, you can work as a AnswerFirst call center agent. AnswerFirst is a well-established company that frequently recruits work from home customer service professionals. Let’s have a closer look at this company and see if it’s really worth your time.

About AnswerFirst

AnswerFirst is an inbound customer service provider based in Tampa, Florida, that operates on various industries, such as:

  • Business & Corporate
  • HVAC & Air Conditioning
  • IT Help Desk & Support
  • Legal, Law Firm & Lawyers
  • Medical, Physicians & Healthcare
  • Plumbing & Electrical
  • Cleaning
  • Restoration & Construction
  • Real Estate & Property Management

Because their list of clients keeps expanding, they are always looking for people with the right knowledge and experience.

What type of online services does AnswerFirst offer?

The range of their online services includes:

  • live agent messaging
  • 24/7 live support
  • twitter account monitoring
  • call center solutions
  • disaster preparedness
  • inbound email processing
  • online order taking
  • scheduling & reservations
  • virtual receptionist
  • technical support.

Interestingly, of all services the company offers, live agent messaging and inbound email processing remain top wanted by customers.

What does a AnswerFirst call center agent do?

As an AnswerFirst call center agent, your part will be to assist customers and provide them with the help they need. Generally, you are going to perform different customer service tasks like logging complaints, taking messages, working on troubleshooting tasks, and anything else that can be resolved remotely. In some cases, answering questions would be just fine; however, most of the time, you will have to put much effort to help customers sort out a problem or situation. Therefore, it’s essential that you maintain constant preparedness to come up with an effective solutions to callers’ requests.

Are you qualified to become a call center agent at AnswerFirst?

The successful applicant must meet a few requirements in order to be accepted to work at AnswerFirst. The necessary skills narrow down to basic computer knowledge, high typing speed, and near to perfect communication skills. Also, you need to be very well-organized and sharp-minded. Timely problem-solving thinking would be considered an advantage. Depending on the position you apply for, the company will require former experience in a particular industry.

What would the working hours at AnswerFirst be like?

Depending on what industry your position is related to, the working hours can vary. Something to keep in mind, some positions offer 24/7 customer service.

Technical equipment needed

The basic technical equipment you will need is high speed internet connection and fast working computer. In addition, given that the sound quality can be make or break factor for a position like this, it is recommendable that you have a good quality headphone and microphone at your disposal in the name of clear-sound and trouble-free communication with customers.

How much does AnswerFirst pay?

Since there are different call center agent position, the pay for each one varies. Based on your skills, experience, knowledge and work performance, your hourly rate can go between $12 and $14.

Does AnswerFirst hire work-from home agents from worldwide?

AnswerFirst is a company that hires remote workers only in specific locations in the US, namely Tampa, Florida, so it’s not to be considered a worldwide opportunity.

Is this an employee or independent contractor opportunity?

The AnswerFirst call center agent is an independent contractor position. This means, you are responsible for your taxes. If you are lucky to earn more than $600 for the year, AnswerFirst will send you a 1099 Income Tax Form.

Overall impression

Taking into account the reviews on Glassdoor left from former and current workers, AnswerFirst enjoys the highest status (4.9 out of 5 stars) being one of the top rated web-based companies hiring freelancers to work remotely from home. This can be a good opportunity to work flexible hours while exploring different career paths based on your abilities and interests. If you are ambitious-driven and hardworking, your efforts will be rewarded at the end of the day. As you know, there is no special formula for success. The trick is to know what you want and find the best way to do it. AnswerFirst gives good career opportunities so it’s worth to try, especially if you value the comfort of a home-office environment.

Application Link

Still interested, go to the application page to fill out your details and take a skill assessment test. Based on your result, they will decide whether to hire you. Good luck!

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