17 Things You Will Love About Working from Home

working from home

Although working from home isn’t as easy as it looks, admittedly, it carries a lot of emotional and professional welfare. To maintain a fulfilling work-life balance, it takes a lot of dedication. Also, you must be adaptive, determined, success-driven, organized, deadline disciplined and with strategy in mind. Not all who embark on the freelance career journey were meant to reach success. Eventually, some choose to go back to the 9-to-5 business hours routine at an office.

There are countless reasons why so many people prefer working in a home environment rather than a regular office-based position. Here are some of the positive things that happen soon enough when you follow a freelance career path.

1/ Improve your savings

A major advantage of working from home is the fact that you save money on so many levels. Although there are people always ready to joke about you spending the day in your pajamas, don’t mind them. They are surely jealous of you being able to earn money and reduce costs at the same time.

  • Save on clothes – Typically, when your office is at home, you have no dress code to follow so there is no need to update your closet every season or spend money on dry cleaning. This is a great weight off your personal finance.
  • Save on food – Home-cooked meals are fresh, delicious and healthy. But also they are cheaper.
  • Reduce car costs – As a remote worker, you will use your car far less often than before. This saves you a significant amount of money on gas and insurance.

2/ You are happy and productive

You are your own boss and master of your time. Having this in mind, makes you happy and productive. Experienced remote workers are hardworking and result-driven because they are fulfilled with what they do.

3/ Less stress

Many studies show that home-based work environment is considerably less stressful than the office-based. Of course, you face a certain amount of stress, but it is temporary and manageable for the most of the time. No office policy rules apply.

4/ No surveillance

In times when technology dominates our personal and professional lives, we can hardly escape the reality of being under constant surveillance in the workplace. With cameras all around to watch every move you make, it creates a frustrating and stressful experience at any office job. But when you work in the comfort of your home, no “Big Brother” is there to watch so you are elated and filled with desire to work hard and bring successful results.

5/ Less travel time

Imagine how many hours people waste everyday to go to work and come back home. It’s common knowledge that overpopulated cities suffer from traffic problems all the time and people spend even longer hours traveling. You won’t have this problem when you work from home. The time you spend travelling now can be put in far more meaningful activities.

6/ Value more self-discipline

Working from home requires developing high self-discipline. In fact, this is the key factor that defines success. As you grow more engaged in home-based work projects, you come to realize the immense value of the self-discipline trait.

7/ More time with friends and family

There is enough time to drive the kids to school or walk the dog. Trust me, your kids and pets will be over the moon from the extra attention you are able to give them. And when the kids, spouse or friends need you for whatever reason, you will be there for them. That’s priceless.

8/ Change the work place anytime you want

If you need to work from somewhere else, you can always take your home office with you. The vastness of the home-based jobs require only a good working computer and fast Internet connection. This means, if you need a change of scenery to boost productivity, you can simply take your laptop and go to the park.

9/ Easy to take on a vacation

When you feel like you need a break, simply notify your clients for how long you will be missing and when you will come back.

10/ More personal time

Once you are done with the daily tasks, you can do whatever you want. Yes, that’s more time for entertainment and leisure. If you were at the office, the manager will sure find new projects for you to fill the gap until the work day is over.

11/ More flexibility in your life

You have the freedom to choose what to accomplish today (or for the week) and what to put on hold.

12/ More time to spend on personal causes

Freelancers can make time for a variety of self-improvement activities. From boost-qualification courses, traveling, workout at the gym, or setting up new hobbies, you can engage in whatever activity you want.

13/ Develop healthy routine habits

When you work from home, you don’t need to eat out or pick meals from fast food restaurants. You benefit from the opportunity to prepare your meals yourself which is equally fun and good for your health.

14/ Unlock your potential

You have the freedom to choose what job deals to accept. This serves as an inspiration to break the routine and do experiments occasionally. You can challenge yourself to take jobs that are interesting and unusual. In most cases, such practice can only lead to unlocking your potential. Prove to yourself you are capable of much more than you think. It’s healthy to diverse things up from time to time, just don’t go too far.

15/ Working from home teaches good discipline and time management

To be able to finish all tasks and projects within the set time frame, you need to establish good working habits. Working remotely requires an excellent ability to eliminate distractions.

16/ Take care of your health

As you work from home, your mental health improves. No co-workers to burden you with woes. And when the urge to interact with people strikes, you can always engage in yoga sessions, do physical exercise, and join a book club or any community of like-minded individuals.  You can set your heart on outdoor activities, such as walking and jogging. All of this leaves a positive impact on your social, mental and physical health.

17/ Contribute to a fast-growing trend

Finally, setting up a home office and working remotely for a legit WAH company is no longer a thing in the past. Since more and more people choose to take on such a career path, this trend is constantly growing with each day.

What are your reasons to work from home? Would you trade your work-at-home status for an office job with fixed working hours and a steady income?

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